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Jiffy Lube Employees Remember Curtain Call

Updated on June 13, 2016

The Jiffy Lube in downtown New Rochelle was the center hub for controversy on Saturday afternoon, according to eyewitnesses. The long-running business, which specializes in oil changes, has seen better days. This past March, the company had to close for a week because of flooding. On Saturday, the company was dealt another blow.

Employees Brad Dalton, Walter King, John Buckner and Ryan DiSalvo have been working together at the Jiffy Lube for the last five years. The crew is inseparable. Until now. In May, Midas reached out with an offer to Walter that included a better schedule and an increase of 25 cents in pay. Soon thereafter, Brad also negotiated a better deal with Midas. Citing his ability to only have to work Monday thru Friday and no longer having to hold signs outside, Brad felt this was the next step in his career.Midas has always been number two. With the addition of Brad and Walter, the company is looking to become the number one oil change car service station in a ten mile radius. Midas also specializes in brakes and muffler repair.

"We've been with one another for the last five years. Almost everyday. We are The Kliq. I saw them more than I did my family. We traveled the roads together, shared our most intimate secrets and just became the closest of friends. I can't see making friends like this again. You could go a million years, you would never find friends like the ones you make at Jiffy Lube."

After finishing up their last oil jobs of the afternoon, the four men met in the lobby of the Jiffy Lube. In front of all their coworkers and two customers, the group embraced one last time. A few onlookers grimaced in confusion, while the rest of the workers clocked out and ignored the four men.

Assistant shift manager, 19 year old Gary, said he wasn't sure why they felt the need to do the big group hug and he wasn't paying them for the time it took them to hug.
"These guys live less than a mile from one another. I actually think Walter and Ryan are roommates. So this is really bizarre."

Friends and family of The Kliq were in the parking lot of the Jiffy Lube all day, throwing streamers at passing motorists and jeering the arrival of Brad and Walter's replacements. The family and friends were eventually moved from the property by New Rochelle Police Department. The confused replacements called the police out of fear of the angry mob.
There are rumors Midas may soon being moving their garage into a vacant Burger King across the street from Jiffy lube. The hug, or curtain call as Walter refers to it, is in reference to a 1996 wrestling event.

"I don't know who Diesel and Razor Ramon are. I don't watch that fake crap. But whoever they are, and whatever the MSG curtain call is, this was nothing like it. This was stupid as all hell," Gary said emphatically.


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