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Job termination letter sample for Poor Work Performance, example letter

Updated on October 8, 2009

 Below is a sample employment termination letter which is based on an employee's poor performance on the job. Termination letters are often the final letters in a series of warning letters to improve performance. They are quite hard to write because they are meant to deliver bad news. It’s always a good idea to have another person, preferably your boss, or another colleague to review the letter before you send it out. If the employee decides to appeal or take the employer to court the letter may be used in the case. It’s also important that before a termination letter is sent, there should already have been a series of warning letters sent prior to the termination letter.

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TO: Robert Smith

FROM: Predson Aliens

DATE: January 16, 2009

SUBJECT: Notice of Termination of Employment for Poor Work Performance

During the past 10 months you have been issued several warning letters and have been counselled a number of times concerning your poor work performance. I discussed with you and stressed the importance of performing your duties effectively and what measures you needed to take to improve your poor performance and the quality of your work.

You were given written warnings on February 20 and March 30 explaining the gravity of this matter and why it was necessary for you to make immediate improvements. On April 22, you received a one-week suspension, and you were advised that any further performance problems could result in employment termination.

Since that time, your work performance has been unacceptable and the quality of your work has continued to decline. You also ignored the directive to stop spending excessive amounts of time making personal phone calls during work hours.

As we discussed in the meeting that I had with you yesterday, your job performance has adversely affected the department and the company. I have no alternative but to terminate your employment with Johns Enterprises effective Tuesday 21 January 2009.

cc: HR Administration

Employee's Signature
Acknowledges Receipt and Understanding (not agreement)

Job termination letter sample for Poor Work Performance, example letter
Job termination letter sample for Poor Work Performance, example letter


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