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John Hart's 'The King of Lies': A Review

Updated on September 9, 2012

Pages: 375

Rating: *****

When a friend of mine handed 'The King of Lies' to me, I looked it over and raised my eyebrow at her. It was at that time an impish grin spread across her face and she challenged me to figure out the killer quicker than she did. My friend is certainly no slouch when it comes to figuring out a plot, so I accepted her challenge. I opened the book that night, deciding that I would have it solved half way through. But no, what I found was a truly intriguing story that kept me second guessing everyone and everything. While I didn't figure out the mystery until the book's conclusion, and I didn't figure it out any faster than my friend, I'm satisfied with the fact that I was foiled by a well written mystery that I could recommend to anyone.

When the dead body of Ezra Pickens turns up with two bullet holes, it was a tragedy amongst the legal and political communities. While on the outside, Ezra appeared to be a highly successful lawyer with an esteemed reputation, behind closed doors he was a cheap misogynistic bastard who thought he was above everyone else. However, when pointed fingers and accusations start falling upon his son Jackson Workman Pickens AKA 'Work', he must not only clear his own name, but launch his own investigation. When evidence pointing at another family member surfaces, Work decides to take matters into his own hands. As he gets closer to uncovering a murderer, the police are getting closer to putting Work away. Can work uncover the truth before it's too late? Will he clear his name? Or is he destined to rot in a prison cell for a murder he may not have committed?

The beginning of the story is a little on the dry side, but once the initial chapters have passed, the pages turn with lightning speed. The characters are great! Well written and each with a secret to keep. These personalities often clash, which nicely adds to the story's mysterious appeal. The story never lets you think you have it figured out for long before Hart throws another curve ball at you. Personally, I suspected three people before I figured out who the murderer really was. Then, once revealed, I slapped my forehead. It was so obvious but the clues didn't really fall into place until the name was revealed. Hart has really done a superb job in crafting an intricate tale of lust, deceit and greed that will keep you guessing until the very last page is turned. For excellent use of literary trickery, I'm awarding the novel a solid five stars. And that's a score that other novels would...kill...for! Even though the beginning of the story moved on the slower side, the suspense gripped me and locked my attention in tight. So, I can over look this minor detail.

The King of Lies
The King of Lies

This is a good story that should not be passed up!


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