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Lonewolf Supernatural Hunter:Volume 1 (Chapter 4)

Updated on November 16, 2015

After a few moments I continued to walk to the east calling for Lola, but there was no reply only the echoes of my voice and a wolf cry in the distance.

I looked up into the midnight sky and noticed dark clouds making a formation.

It was not long after the dark clouds formed that there was lightning in the sky, this was the last thing I needed at the moment.

I continued to walk inch by inch, step by step into the direction I last seen Lola, suddenly the east winds began to get heavy and fierce, but I did not let this bother me.

“Lola, where are you?”

I called out into the wilderness, but there was no reply.

Suddenly I heard a high pitch sound and I noticed it was a school of Vampire Bats headed to the west.

As I searched for Lola I noticed her lying on the ground unconscious Lola was lying on the ground next to an old shady Oak tree.

Next to the body I seen three black Ravens standing there just watching over the woman in the distance. I was surprised to see ravens at this hour of the night, suddenly I thought for sure these birds would be in their respected nests.

Step by step inch by inch I became closer and closer to the body and what I discovered was a painful surprise.



I said as I ran leap by leap, foot by foot, faster and faster I ran in a panic. I began to sweat, the beads of sweat ran down my face onto my neck and in between my massive pecks.

I reached Lola and I said out loud to myself,

“Say it isn’t so, Lola speak to me!”

As I approached fast and furious I scared off the three ravens.

Lola did not say anything She did not reply, Lola did not even move she stayed still so very still and even though I was a tough guy, I became teary eyed I began to cry. All my efforts to save Lola ended in failure, but I promise I will avenge Lola. I will kill anything and everything that haunts the night. Whatever it was that attacked Lola and drew her blood will die I promise.

I kneeled down next to Lola and put my right hand under Lola's head raising it slowly and let out a cry,

“No, no, no... No!”

My voice was loud and it echoed in the midnight air. My voice echoed across the land. Any living creature within a mile or two heard my holler.

Tears ran down my face and I wore the biggest grin I ever worn. To my surprise Lola suddenly shown a spark of life, suddenly there was a glimmer of hope, but it was faint, very faint.


Lola looked at me and said,

“John are you out of danger?”

My frown lifted a moment and I cracked a smile,

“Yes, but your ill. What attacked you Lola?”

Lola closed her eyes and said,

“Three bats...”

Lola drifted off for a moment and I became sad and then Lola said,

“They bit me and drank my blood”

I looked at Lola with a tear in my eye and said,

“Hush now Lola I want you to stay quiet and save your strength.”

Lola just looked at me with eyes partially shut,

“It’s too late John it’s my time to go, I can see the light, and I can hear voices calling me.”

I became angry as my heart broke, I was full of emotional pain and I said to Lola,

“No Lola do not go, I love you, stay with me!”

Lola looked at me and she wore a smile and bared a tear and said in her final breath,

I love you... too John... I love you too... never forget I... Love... you...”

And then Lola was gone and I lowered my head, but just for a moment and then I raised my head high into the air and I yelled louder than ever before,



I am sure I woke the dead and after a moment of silence I spoke to the Lord,

“My dear God who rules in heaven, why have you taken Lola from me, how come you didn’t take me instead? What evil could she have done, what was it she did that was so bad. Why couldn't you take me into the kingdom of salvation instead?”

I had no right to question God and God's ways and I will probably be punished for questioning the ways of the Lord.

As I spoke to the Lord Lola's soul traveled to purgatory, where all the premature and troubled souls went and spent time until they found the peace and reckoning they deserved.

Lola condemned to be one of the children of the damned. Lola was nothing more than a soul separated from her body.

God never answered me and there was no sympathy or deals from heaven, but there was a sign of anger.

Lightning struck from the heavens. It was God's way of telling me that the all mighty did not like my disrespect.

I looked into the midnight sky and as I looked passed the stars and the clouds just trying to see the kingdom of salvation. As I did this I seen a bright light fall from the sky, it looked like a falling star.

I am sure anyone who seen this bright light fall from the sky thought the same thing.


It is just a shooting star nothing special, but in all actuality it was something quite special and it took me by surprise it was a sign from the heavens.

The light that fell from the sky was much more than a shooting star, the light was an angel on a journey from heaven. An angel appeared before me and took on the form of a human.

The Angel was a tall man wearing a black colored trench coat, a white dress shirt, with a black tie and black pants, The angel introduced himself,

“Hello John.”

I was in a state of shock, I never heard or seen anything like this before in my life. I did not know what to think, I wondered if I died also and the angel was here to take me to the afterlife?

The angel continued,

“John I am Seth I an angel from heaven, I am representative of God, I am one of God's soldiers, I am here to give you a message from the lord.”

My mouth dropped, I was unsure what to say, what to do, should I trust this angel? Should I uphold my faith or should I have doubts?

I decided to listen before I pass judgment. I wore a grin on my face and said,

“I am John, what message do you have for me?”


Seth looked at me raising a brow,

“John, The lord works in mysterious ways, in ways no one understands, but like everything in this universe the Lord has rules and regulations that must be followed, so that the fabric existence may continue in an orderly fashion. You and Lola have been attacked by supernatural forces and Lola became a victim of that attack. The Lord sent me here to assist you in preventing Supernatural happenings, you have been recruited as a Supernatural Hunter.”

I could not believe what I was hearing and became quite angry with Seth and the Lord,

“Are you trying to tell me the all mighty GOD has a rule book and cannot save a good person’s life? What kind of bullshit is that! Please tell me!”

Seth did not like my lack of faith and respect for the Lord,

“John, if the Lord wanted too, the Lord could strike you down where you stand. With that been said, you are the chosen one, you have been chosen to hunt and destroy the supernatural forces that walk the earth.”

The task at hand was not a problem I have already decided I would avenge Lola,

“No problem Seth, you may tell the Lord I accept the challenge.”


Seth was pleased with my answer and gave me a head nod,

“Your first order of business is to burn Lola's Remains and set her soul free.”

Seth was out of his mind there was no way I was going to cremate Lola, it was going to be hard enough for me to bury her much less cremate her body. I decided I was not going to cremate Lola and as a tear formed in my eye I said to the Angel,

“Seth I must decline your request, I am going to bury her in my back yard where she will be close to me forever.”

Now for some reason the word forever seemed to echo in my brain and the sound of it caused me a lot of emotional pain.

Seth was considerably unhappy with my decision,

“John, I cannot tell you why it is so important, but you must trust me. If you do not do what I say there will be consequences.”

I took a good look at Seth and said,

“Consequences, what could you do that would hurt more than losing the woman I loved?”

Seth became out raged, John everyone in heaven including the Lord and I understand your pain, but sometimes things happen that cannot be changed or prevented. In this case Lola is one of those things.


If you do what I say, the way I say it the two of you will spend an eternity in heaven together someday!”

Seth gave me a glimmer of hope and I said,

“Are you saying if I burn Lola's body tonight we will be together tomorrow?”

Seth became irritated and said,

“No, I said someday, not tomorrow John, but someday when your time has been chosen.”

I took a step back and let out my anger,

“Someday is too long, I am ready tonight, not years from now, Lola was my reason for living!”

Seth took a deep breath and replied,

“John listen to yourself, you just met Lola two hours ago, not two years, not twenty years, just two hours ago!”

I put on a grin and said,

“That is true, but I only met you a few minutes ago and you expect me to listen, respect and trust what you say. Who are you to tell me what to do?”

Seth became disgusted and furious with me.

“John we already went over this, I am your guardian angel and I am here to look over you, protect you and instruct you of the ways of the lord. I am to train you to be a Supernatural Hunter. You will do what I say, because it is written there shall it will be done.”

At this point I heard enough, I am in charge of my own actions and I will pay the consequences due.


I then picked up Lola from the ground, looked Seth dead center in the eye and said,

“Seth, I will handle this my way, no matter what the consequences are. This is my choice and I will choose what is to be done.”

After I finished my last statement I turned and walked to the east carrying Lola's lifeless body to Lonewolf Manor where I planned to bury her.

Seth raised his fists in anger raised his head high in the air and yelled so loud I am sure everyone in both the Kingdom of Salvation and the Kingdom of Hell heard him,


I did not care I just kept walking into the dead of night and while the winds blew harder, the ground began to shake and lightning struck from the heavens above. I knew I was defying God, but right now I did not care and I did not care what the consequences and punishment would be I only knew I loved Lola, a woman I only knew for two hours, but in those two hours we lived a life time. We lived by the sword and Lola died by the sword.

Step by step, inch by inch, foot by foot and mile by mile I carried Lola home it took me one hour with a break here and a break there, but eventually we made it home.


The time was one twenty-two in the morning. I walked up on my porch and laid Lola down ever so gently on a bench and I leaned forward I rested my head on her lifeless body, I then gave one last kiss good bye and I cried for a few minutes, Lola was gone and I missed her already, I would never forget Lola, we didn’t have enough time together in life.

After five minutes had passed I stood up and stumbled, but I regained my balance and walked to the tool shed step by step, inch by inch, foot by foot.

Once I reached the tool shed I reached into my pockets and grabbed my keys.

My fingers were nervous and they stumbled as I tried to find the keys to the shed lock, after a moment I found the right key and inserted the key into the key hole and turned the key counter clock wise. The latch to the lock opened ((Click)) and I opened the door with a ((Creaking)) sound.

The creaking sound, sounded creepy and I made a note to myself that I would need to lubricate the door hinges.

I stepped inside and grabbed my shovel and then I stepped outside the shed and closed the door, I looked up at the sky lightning filled the sky, I lowered my head and continued on my way inch by inch, step by step, foot by foot.


I walked to my destination where I started to dig a six foot hole for Lola. After two more hours the whole was complete and I laid Lola to rest.

After I put Lola in her resting place I covered her lifeless body over with soil and gave her a private funeral ceremony, to send her soul on its way to the afterlife,

"Lola my everlasting Love for you lives on long after you are gone. I will never forget you. I will never replace you. You are mine eternally. I love you forever my dearest Lola"

I then opened my bible and read,

“The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing.

He makes me lie down in green pastures,

He leads me beside quiet waters,

He refreshes my soul.

He guides me along the right paths

For his name’s sake.

Even though I walk

Through the darkest valley,

I will fear no evil,

For you are with me;

Your rod and your staff,

They comfort me.

You prepare a table before me

In the presence of my enemies.

You anoint my head with oil;


My cup overflows.

Surely your goodness and love will follow me

All the days of my life,

And I will dwell in the house of the Lord


I then closed the good book and walked towards Lonewolf Manor. Step by lonely step, inch by lonely inch, foot by lonely foot I walked onto the porch where I had laid Lola’s lifeless vessel only two hours ago, I then took a moment and looked down at the place I set her.

After a sad moment of silence I heard a sound only two feet away ((Meow)) which was followed by another sound ((Purr)) it was my cat Boo!

The whole time I was looking for my cat the cat was hiding on the porch.

It was true God does work in mysterious ways, I lost my cat and then found my soulmate and in the same night I lost my soulmate and found my cat.

It was true God worked in mysterious ways, but not always in the ways we would desire for reasons we will never understand, but we must except and always keep the faith for when the lord takes one thing away the lord always replaces our loss with something else. This was a lesson I learned in the world of the Supernatural on this night.



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