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Join us

Updated on October 11, 2012

Let`s paint town red

and raise the roofs.

Let`s make fireworks,

bursting colors in our gloomy sullen sky

Let`s say to the world,

just for this night:

Join us,

we are no longer at pole`s apart,

nor going ballistic

nor making any fur fly.

Our hatchet is buried so deep,

not a demon could disinter it

nor a gravedigger could throw it up.

We are free tonight

like birds out of a cage

flying here and there

no ball and chain will weigh our wings

Come hither,

before the curtains fall down

and the dawn cracks,

sending its first shivers down the night s spine.

Come faster,

with no exquisite dresses

or elegant suits

or even a bouquet of flowers

Come as you are ,

as you were.

Tonight is the night when we first met

and the code was deciphered .

O people,share with us drinks and little laughter

and then later you can

all blow through the wind

like plastic bags

as if nothing happens

or you can lie on a blanket,out in the back yard,

wishing upon a shooting star

Santa and his reindeer to take you home.


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