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Jonas Watcher : The Case of the Second Book

Updated on January 6, 2017
gposchman profile image

I've written four novels, self-published. I am working on the several more. I am promoting my novels, reviewing others, sharing what I know.

Potential book cover
Potential book cover

A Detective Story Offer

For NANOWRIMO I uploaded a couple of sections of my second book in the Jonas Watcher series. I expected to load more but I was more interested in completing the book. Some comments I received, not on the Hubs, people didn't understand that this was a first unedited pass of the book and took exception to the errors in grammar and punctuation in published Hubs. No matter.

There has been some interest in the book, so I will make this offer. In the vane of Detective Stories, you may contact me, and I will provide a PDF copy of the Proof of the book in return email. Proof means I have written, reread and rewritten and it is the version I provide to my editors, a beta so to speak. My email isn't hard to find so you can play detective send me an email with the Subject: HUB Bourbon Street Hustler and I will email you back a copy in PDF format.

Ten of you will get a finished signed Paperback copy of the book when I launch it if you are interested. If you would like to be included as a reviewer in future books, let me know in the email.

A Little Writers History

I have been writing for about forty years. You have never heard of me because my writing was in the field of computers, programming, and Internet Education. I have written some 100 with papers for a large number corporations that have never seen public publication.

I have written since I was nineteen and was successful in school writing papers and stories and even poetry. I wrote privately and the one big concept I discovered was you had to know someone, or be someone to get published. I had neither available to me so I satisfied my writing doing "White Papers" with such interesting titles as "Top Down Programming and Design", "Outline Course Structure", and my two personal favorites "Virus avoidance of the Hard Floppy" and "Course Content Verification Through Student Testing".

When I retired, is when I started writing what I wanted.

From my Formative Years
From my Formative Years
An Empty PI office
An Empty PI office

My Writing Process

I write, all the time, in my head, that is. Most of what I write are flights of fancy that never see the printed page or screen. When my internal editor is happy with something in mind, I sit down at, now, my laptop and compose.

My muse has chosen a long time favorite of mine, 1930 detective stories. You have Dashiell Hammett to thank or blame for that. Not one of his major works, but the "Continental OP". It's a series of related short stories that I had finished. I found myself playing with "what if" on a minor element of one of the stories I had read and Jonas Watcher was born.

I write from beginning to end, I make notes on characters and character names, I jot down background and I write the story. I do not rewrite until the story is told. I go from beginning to end. Then I stop and I put it away for a couple of days.

I read, I watch TV, I play computer games until I need to get back and rewrite. Then I read, edit, laugh, cry and edit some more. And I rewrite because sometimes the second time around I can say it better, and sometimes I got it right the first time.

Then I hand what I have written off to my readers, critics and editors, in total about eight people. Then I wait. The results come back and I rewrite again correcting mistakes, fixing names and tightening plot points.

A couple of my team haven't had enough and they go back through once more, and hopefully the last of the errors have been fixed.

Then I publish. I am happy, and believe it or not, I sell books. I have not won any awards, I am not on any best seller lists, but I have readers and they buy what I write.

Gene Poschman

I am What I am
I am What I am

Want a PDF Copy of the Book

Then go detect, it should be really easy, if not let me know.


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    • gposchman profile image

      Gene Poschman 2 years ago from San Francisco Bay Area

      Thanks WillStarr,

      The funny thing is the really important work is ahead of me. Getting down 40,000 plus words in a story format is a challenge, now I have to go back and reread and discover all of my mistakes. That's not so bad, but I had made a minor plot change and now I have to read through to make sure I fix it throughout the book.

      Thanks for your comment and good wishes.

      Gene Poschman

    • WillStarr profile image

      WillStarr 2 years ago from Phoenix, Arizona

      Congratulations, Gene!