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Jonathan Nasaw's 'The World On Blood': A Review

Updated on December 18, 2011
The World on Blood
The World on Blood

One of Nasaw's best offerings. Check out Amazon for a really great price.


The World On Blood

Pages: 436

Rating: ***

I've always been a fan of the unusual, the inventive and the graphic. It's these three qualities that Nasaw not only brought with 'The World On Blood', but presented it with a lovely blood soaked bow. What I really liked about Nasaw was he took a well known urban legend, twisted it into a pretzel and made it relevant to today's reader. When I read the story description, I kind of rolled my eyes and thought to myself Oh no, not another vampire novel...! but as abused as the vampire concept is, Nasaw made it new, exciting and fun again. I really learned my lesson and won't be too quick to be so dismissive. Characters are lifelike and believable, each with their own difinitive personality. I'll admit that the story is a little out there for the casual reader, but it shouldn't be missed. To top it all of, there are enough flowing body fluids to whet any appetite. And yes, that's meant to sound as dirty as you're mind made it out to be. Gay sex, straight sex, biracial couples, drug use, witch craft, voodoo, slavery and religious rituals all make an apperance in this novel. If any aspect of the above mentioned are offensive, then this story certainly isn't for you.

Nick Santos, a very modern homosexual fellow, isn't afraid of living life in the fast lane. Addicted to all forms of vices, his world completely turns upside down when he's introduced to blood. A super drug that gives the user a high that's like a hit of acid, ecstasy and a shot of steroids all wrapped into one. Enhancing the five senses to super human levels, doubling as a mega potent aphrodisiac and increasing physical attributes like speed and strength, blood will make you see and feel things never thought possible. However, only a small portion of the human population can feel these effects. When a tragic accident takes the life of his best friend, Nick decides it's time to chase sobriety instead of the next high. Along the way, he'll meet a mishmash of unbelievably different vampires who he's convinced to live the clean life. When fellow member, James Whistler, renounces his sobriety and the teachings of the group, Nick soon discovers that his group's supportive columns of balance teeter like dominoes. Nick eventually finds himself back into a world filled with blood, sex and betrayal of the most diabolical of measures. Questioning the very foundation of his sobriety, Nick jumps teeth first into the world of addiction in order to discover exactly why he's been targeted and who's behind it. Can he esacpe the conspiracy with his morals intact, or wil he be swallowed back up by his demons.

Nasaw has very successfully taken normal humans and given them an edge. Changing everything that we currently accept as vampire lore to fit a situation that is plausible in today's underground. Vampires have become just another minority instead of the terrifying creatures that stalk your nightmares. The only really negative that I have about the story is that I found myself skimming pages in the middle and not missing any of the major details. The beginning sets the scene of the story quickly. The drama builds and intensifies into an exciting pace only to conclude with a less orgasmic climax I was disappointed in the ending, as I was expecting more. . regardless of this misstep, I'll contine to read Nasaw. Despite the ending, this page turner makes up for everything wrong with a rush of nastiness that makes everything right again. Dripping with sex, gore, drugs and violence, there is a little something for everyone in this book. If you have an open, dirty mind then let Nasaw give you a tour of his world on blood. While the ending won't ncessarily suck you in,(!), I'll still give it a fair three stars.


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