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Josh Dempler In The Raw.

Updated on February 26, 2013
Me at Clifty Falls
Me at Clifty Falls | Source

A bit of me.

This article will be a bit different for me. I usually write on local, unheard of, unsung talent that I have come across and believe that people will really enjoy. As of late I have hit a wall in the writing world, and really have found some inspiration that has come with some oppression from my inner self (if that even makes sense). To give a better perspective on this I will tell a bit about myself. I am Joshua Dempler, an average guy married one child, and one on the way. I have ADHD; scraped by through high school, try'd one year of college, and finally ended up at a computer technical school for certifications where I never got any certifications but obtained all of the courses (basically I went to school for nothing in return but debt). I have worked at the same place with no room to grow for the past 5 years, to top that off this place is probably the best paying job I can achieve with the skills that I possess. I really enjoy writing and have somewhat of a passion for it, however as you have probably noticed I have major punctuation issues. To top all of this off the majority of what I would like to express in thought I cannot portray into speech or text for that matter.

A little over a year ago I started a website called "Opinion Posts," where people could express their opinions freely on different companies products, and or services. On this site I also had a blog where I would post on a pretty random assortment of items. I gave this a year to develop and flourish via advertising on social networks, spreading by word of mouth, search engine optimization, and many other things. This failed despite all efforts, and support of a few faithful followers. I let the site renewal laps, and have ceased to post on there ( it is still up at I loved doing product reviews, the only problem with not being known was how to receive items to test and review, and/or how to get paid for doing this. Writing was/is a great hobby that takes a lot of valuable time that the majority of the time I do not have. The bottom line is that I was spending four, or five hours a day writing on things that I would never see any benefit to my family for. Providing for my family is the most important thing to me. I would love to be in the world of reviewing items that companies would send items to me to test, and evaluate, but do not know where to go next to do so.

One other thing in the writing category would be short stories. I could never focus long enough to write a great or even horrible novel (even on ADHD medication). This desire I may pursue fairly soon on here if any inspiration for a subject comes to mind. I am fairly often inspired after reading a book to write something of my own merit, but all of the items mentioned above about writing capabilities snuff out the flame of that desire.

The next perplexing thing on my mind is in a regards to music. I have been playing guitar and many other instruments since I was six years old, and would love to build custom guitars. I have the majority of the tools; I am just lacking the funding, and or space to build them.

This article has been more of a look at my thoughts, and inner struggles, dreams, and desires to be fulfilled or passed over. Like this, or hate it, this is a portion of me expressed in maybe not the clearest or most properly executed fashion, but it is nonetheless part of my story.

Please feel free to state your opinion, question, or thoughts on the above article. I am putting my self out there for your assistance, and ideas.

If you have a message that you would like to send to me privately please email me at:


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