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Quotes From My dream.

Updated on November 6, 2019
Trooly profile image

Love to write short and interesting stories and sometimes nonfiction too. In fact, I think I love writing in general.

Quotes from my dream.

I found it difficult to fall asleep at around 2 AM. After 20 minutes, I decided to go to the sitting room and play a video game.

As I started my journey from my bedroom to the sitting room, I met an angel. She was tall, glowing, and she told me her name was angel Killman.

She took me to a land she referred to as the land of wisdom.

More like a land of strange words, I thought.

The land in its self is more like a planet. Indeed I did not just feel but also know I am in a place away from earth.

She took me around this strange land.

Would you like to know what he showed to me?

She showed me a lot of chests. Each containing a treasure on which on earth is referred to quotes.

Here are some of the treasures I saw in the many chests Killman showed to me.

  • The one thing that makes sense the most in life is that everything and nothing makes sense.
  • As far as a bat can fly high and still sleep upside down, anything is possible.
  • If you give a fish the wings of a bird, do not be surprised when it uses it to fly.

At this point, believe you me, you are not as confused as I was.

I asked her if she could explain to me what the third chest was trying to say, and she told me this.

"You are the fish, and what the chest is saying is, you can succeed in whatever situation you find your self."

We continued, and I was even more confused on the way.

  • The best way to know what you can do is by doing something.

"Doing what?" I asked. "Something, just test yourself, and you will figure out what you can do."

  • Sometimes, it is better to be confused. It pushes us to think and become better.

I sure didn't argue that at all, I once had such experience.

  • Just as anyone afraid to die should be afraid to live, anyone who enjoys living should love dying.

I didn't border to ask any question. I found that rather scary.

  • For it to be right, you must be right. Else you will find it wrong.

That was simply sweet. I believe it meant you have to see things from the right perspective. Just as simple as that, tell me, was that confusing to you?

  • The best way, to be honest, is to be the best you.
  • Every human must fail at some point until you accept this fact you may never succeed.

I was more confident after viewing the treasure in that chest. I am the sort of person that fails a lot. I was glad that I already accepted that to be part of my life and plan for it, rather than ask my self the what if you fail kind of question?

  • You need to make yourself happy, that is the one thing unhappy people can not do.


  • Being the best you is an honest achievement, but improving the best possible you, is an achievement above all.
  • Every human has equal capacity, just that everyone is as different as what they are capable of doing.
  • Becoming too comfortable is not an issue until you become very unable.

I found those more like advice, what do you think?

  • It takes wisdom to understand wisdom.
  • To understand wisdom, you need to be wise.

"This chest contains treasures that are quite confusing. Isn't it?" Angel Killman asked. I nodded in affirmation.

Her explanation for the two treasures went thus;

"many people do not acquire knowledge because they think or subconsciously believe they are already wise. Hence, to acquire knowledge, you have got to be thoughtful enough to listen or learn more." She smiled and continued.

"And for the other, you have to be wise to understand how wisdom works. Think of it this way, if two men are to fish from a river with a fishing net. And for a reason, one man went with a knife when they are both fully aware they are not to eat any fish. Who do you think is the wisest?"

That question seemed too easy. "The man that didn't go along with a knife," I said very boldly.

Do you want to know if I got the answer to that question?

If yes, you have got to keep reading.

"What if I told you, you were wrong?" She said, paused briefly, and continued. "The man who happened to go along with a knife is the wise one. Why? Let me complete the rest of the story, and you will know why. On their way to and fro, the man cleared grasses from the way, using his trusted sidekick. Not to also forget the snake he killed with it." "Doesn't that make it wise of him to have gone along with a knife?"

She needed not to ask me that, It is quite wise of him to have gone along with the knife.

  • First and last place has something in common, attempt.
  • Everything in life, including nonsense and senseless, has sense.
  • To be sure you are on the right track, you must understand the wrong one.
  • The only food that can never satisfy a man is knowledge, but that, that truly can is knowledge.

That was a little confusing but got to understand what it meant.

  • Never, can the dream of a wise man be sold.
  • You are the best and worst thing that can ever happen to you.
  • Although every man is an asset, not all men can become one.
  • Failure is a price, if and only if it does not slice the future.

"It is time you go back home." She said.

I wished I could stay with My beautiful angel forever, but no, she insisted.
"Now close your eyes." Angel Killman said.
"Am I ever going to see you again?" I asked, missing her already.
"You can if you want and need to."
"It's time to go, my friend." She said.
I closed my eyes and could feel her touching me on the shoulder. Her hand was as cold and comforting as a mother to her offspring.
"I will miss you." She whispered.

I fell into an empty void, almost at least, it lasted for a while. I opened my eyes and woke up from slumber, it was morning.

© 2019 Moses Killman

I loved the 9th treasure the most. What about you?

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  • Haleema Bibi profile image

    Conscious Dreamer 

    5 days ago from Pakistan

    Your collection is inspirational and beautiful. I liked those regarding wisdom. Good read.

  • AliciaC profile image

    Linda Crampton 

    6 days ago from British Columbia, Canada

    The quotes are very interesting. The story of the angel was a great way to present them!

  • Trooly profile imageAUTHOR

    Moses Killman 

    7 days ago

    Thanks so much, you guys motivate me to keep giving my best.

  • manatita44 profile image


    7 days ago from london

    A cute and original way to share some salient and prudent ideas. Very insightful! Carry on, my friend. Cary on. Peace.

  • Iqra431 profile image


    7 days ago from Pakistan

    these quotes are so motivating ...

    great job



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