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Journal Prompts: Ideas for the First Page

Updated on September 19, 2012

Journaling: How to Start

I have been known to stare at the first page of a new journal for an hour or more trying to figure out what I'm going to write on that page. For me it has to be perfect, it can't be cheesy. It needs to be something that sets the tone for the entire journal. So what can I start with. I've tried starting on a page in the middle of the book, but for my routine minded, everything in it's proper place mindset (no I'm not obsessive or compulsive unless it comes to journaling!) that just doesn't fly. I start asking myself, what if I go back to the beginning, then what happens when I don't stop perfectly on that next page. I might waste a page! Oh no. Reading this I know it's not a big deal, but when I have the perfect journal, I want everything to be perfect, so what happens in my little bubble of a journaling world becomes the focus of my attention during that small part of my day.

Here is a list of ideas on how to start out your journal if you're lost on what to write about. These are some ideas I've used in the past. Some work for me better than others, but I'm hoping you at least find one or two that help you get that journal started faster. There is nothing more frustrating than staring at that blank page trying to will your mind to come up with the perfect start.

First Page Journal Prompts

  1. Write your name in a doodle. Or do something artistic that shows off your personality.
  2. Simply write your name and a method to contact you in case you misplace your journal.
  3. Leave the 1st page blank. You can call it an artistic statement if you want.
  4. Write your favorite quote, or a quote that sums up how you currently feel about the state of your life at this very moment.
  5. Write a list of what you would like to accomplish with this journal, then when you need inspiration, or when you finish it, you can review your list to see if you reached your goals or if the list needs adjustments.
  6. Write about what you think it may have been like for you the day you were born.
  7. Write about how you feel about birthday's.
  8. Start your journal on January 1st and write a list of resolutions you want to achieve for the year.
  9. Take a picture of yourself and post it on the first page, then when you finish your journal, take another picture of yourself and post it on the last page.
  10. Write a list of the things that are important to you right now. It's sometimes fun to go back and see how our priorities have changed (or stayed the same) over time.


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