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Journal Prompts to guard against writer's block

Updated on June 5, 2016

102 Prompts

.» List 10 things that you make happy, sad, angry, depressed, hopeful.

» Write something someone told you and never forgot.

» Write about a figure that inspires you from the past.

» Write about a figure that inspires you right now.

» Five ways to win your heart?

» Share something you struggle with.

» Bullet point your whole day.

» Bullet point a list to do tomorrow.

» Does your Zodiac sign does it fit you or how does it not fit you?

» 30 facts about yourself.

» 20 facts about another person you know (to challenge yourself if you that person).

» 10 about your favorite fictional character.

» 5 facts about anything.

» List three celebrity crushes.

» Three lessons your children should learn from you and why?

» Write a letter to your future self.

» Write a letter to an unborn child.

» Write a letter to your mother/father thanking her/him what you learned from them.

» List the goals for the next 30 days.

» What single word describes your personality?

» What is your secret for happiness?

» What is your most prized possession and why?

» List 5 weaknesses.

» List 5 strengths.

» List 10 things you want to be remembered for.

» Your religious beliefs.

» How the government should be governed?

» Your favorite song and the lyrics.

» List your favorite movie in the order of the year they came out.

» List your favorite games including board, card, and system.

» List your favorite Anime shows or movies in the order you first liked them.

» List your favorite TV shows.

» List your favorite Books from childhood.

» List your favorite books from adulthood.

» List your favorite Stories including fairy, fable, myth.

» Did you make someone laugh today, or did someone make you laugh today, and what was it about?

» What did you forget today?

» What did you wear today?

» What is testing you today?

» Were you creative today, and how?

» Share a quote someone else shared.

» Share an idiom your parents always told you.

» Share your favorite quote to live by.

» Today I was tough because…

» Who are you jealous of?

» Top ten places you want to visit.

» Your pixie dust list.

» What makes you feel alive?

» Do you believe in anything supernatural?

» Biggest decision made?

» Biggest achievement?

» Most expensive thing you ever bought?

» Cheapest thing you ever bought?

» Where do you wish you were right now?

» Where do you want to be in 5 years?

» List 5 things you wished you invented.

» List what you need to let go of.

» What is the horoscope for the day, was it right?

» How would you try and make a difference in the world today?

» What were the chores for the day and did you complete them?

» What is the season and weather like today?

» Worst thing or best thing you ate and where?

» Who had the biggest influence on your day?

» Who had the biggest influence on you?

» What did you learn from today?

» I wish I had…

» List your pets.

» What is your super power?

» What stresses you?

» What mistakes have you made?

» The last movie you saw? Do like it or not?

» What is standing in your way to your dreams?

» What is the news today?

» Who is your best friend?

» List your friends.

» List your enemies.

» List what foods or dishes you want to try from another culture.

» If you could grow a plant what would it be?

» If you could live in any state would it be the same one where you live now?

» What era would you want to time travel too?

» If you could turn into any mystical creature what would it be and why?

» If you were a day in the week, what would you be?

» If you were a month, what would you be?

» If you were a god or goddess from mythology, who would you be and why?

» What is your dream car?

» What is your dream motorcycle?

» What would your dream house look like?

» If you could create a religion, what would it be like?

» Top ten rules you have around the house.

» List top 5 places to have a perfect wedding.

» List what kind of animals you would like have and why?

» List five things you would like to do in life.

» Write a letter to a future graduate student.

» Write a letter to a future generation of what you hope to expect.

» List books you want to read.

» List movies you want to see.

» List a superhero you would like to meet in real life.

» List your collections.

» List what you would like to collect.

» List your hobbies.

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