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Journey Into Exaltation - A Poem of Finding Yourself

Updated on May 6, 2013

An eagle pecks his way into this vast confusing world one chip at a time.

His head pokes through to the glaring sun.

This reality is harsher than he could have known.

He spreads his wings wide and wiggles his talons, testing his

Newfound frightening freedom.

The cool mountain breeze blows through his soft infantile feathers.

This breeze, smelling faintly of what could be recognition and acceptance, makes the eagle want to explore this bold new world.

From atop his vantage point on the mountain crest,

The newborn eagle is afforded a breathtaking view of the world in which he longs to find a place of belonging,

a world he does not yet know the cruel realities of.

This eagle, so fragile, yet so brave,

Totters to the edge of his rocky abode.

Just one more step to freedom.

Just one more step to forever.

He closes his sharp, brown eyes in an effort to steel himself with the courage to leave the home he barely knows but is so eager to be away from.

Upon opening his eyes, the eagle is witness to who must be his life mate. She affords the eagle only a fleeting glance before she takes a speedy flight through the comforting rays of the warm sun. Now is the time for the eagle child to test his being and pursue what he thinks will bring happiness.

The wind currents are overpowering for this tiny eagle chasing after his dreams. He beats his tiny wings in a frantic attempt to catch the one thing he knows is meant for him and meant to bring him happiness, warmth, and comfort. He has not yet the strength to battle the waves of air that are so battering, so bruising. He tumbles to the ground, crashing through branches and leaves and the homes of other newborn eagles.

The unforgiving ground embraces him with a

Force of terrifying, unyielding bitterness.

He struggles to be free of the clutches that threaten to seize his being with a vile hatred.

His struggles fade in strength, in effort and in time.

He does not understand why he cannot have the happiness he thinks he deserves.

A strike of silver lightning breaks the serene purple sky. The first of a deluge of rains bites into the tender flesh of the unprotected young eagle. He waits in an overturned log, long hollow with rot.

He waits for the rain to cease and trembles with fear, anticipation,

And an uncertainty he feels he does not deserve.

When the eagle is on the verge of breaking despair, a ray of brilliant sunshine penetrates his temporary home.

Vibrant particles of happiness promise a future free from pain and despair. As the eagle climbs out into the promise of tomorrow, he no longer grieves what has escaped his clutches. He anticipates the happiness he will one day possess.

As this eagle takes once again to the sky, no longer is he weighed with rejection but now believes in the possibility of acceptance.

He begins his journey into exaltation.


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    • lcbenefield profile image

      lcbenefield 5 years ago from Georgia


      Thanks for stoppomg by. There is always hope. I am glad you could identify with this.

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 5 years ago

      Powerful words! I sometimes feel this way on some days. I almost give up but then that ray of hope comes through.