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Journey To The Center Of Happiness

Updated on December 6, 2011

This Can Be So Much Fun

We each experience so many things in so many different ways

Nothing is the same

I might enjoy a beautiful sunrise

You may be bored to tears at the thought

You may live for a dirt bike ride on the back trials into the mountains

I may think your crazy risking life and limb at every turn

Someone may want to dive into the ocean and see every fish under the water

The thought of going in the water for longer than it takes to take a shower is unthinkable to a person who hates the water

So if it is flying high in the sky

Running till you have no air left

Reading a book that enriches the soul

Playing with your pet until they nip at you to tell you they had enough

Picking up a baseball and tossing it around

Playing the clarinet to release that perfect sound

Cleaning your house until it sparkles

Watching t.v. until your eyes bulge out of thier sockets

Sleeping late because you want to

Going to church and learning about religion and how we all can live a better life

Collecting the latest sports cards and rearranging them in perfect order

Cooking a new dish until all the flavors pop and your stomach growls for more

Talking or texting or doing God knows what on the newest cell phone that you just bought

Find the passion you love the most

Enjoy all the pleasures that bring out the excitement in you

There are endless possibilities and combinations that we can try

If one doesn't work try another then another

I have found spending time with someone I love over flows my cup of desire

Mothers and fathers who live their life helping their children so they can enjoy the best life

Buying a new car that makes your heart race

Taking a walk in nature and seeing all its beauty

There is something to be said

For each vacation we have ever taken

That leads us to the magificient charm of Italy

The dazzling glitter, guts and glory of Vegas

Endless fanatsy and fun of Disney World

The quiet and peaceful shores of Aruba

A cruise to Alaska that is breathtaking

May we all find a hobby or an interest that continues to thrill us at every moment

Reaching under the hood of an old car and tinkering until the engine roars like a lion

Skiing down the mountain side with the wind at our backs

Watching a movie that scares you completely out of your mind

Catching the fish that keeps nibbling but won't bite

Finding true happiness isn't that what life is really about ?

Take time from work and all the hussle

The rat race will always be there

Dragging in all the novices who can't wait to earn the almighty dollar

Money can look like where life is at

But if you take a closer look it is far from that

It is finding peace in a world that spins faster than a top

Holding on to what you have before it is lost,broken or tossed

A simple search now can save you years of heartache and misery

Too often we get mixed up in what we think we want

Then only later we find out it wasn't that at all

Life goes by quick and all the poccessions in the world can't change that

Spending time with people and the interests that make you happy

Seems all too simple but is harder to practice and follow

When you find out the world can be like a shark that can't wait to bite and swallow

Turn your world around and make it something special

A place that you have lived and enjoyed for more years than tears

So if old age tackles you when you are running for the end zone

You can say I ran as fast as I could and you had to work extra hard to nock me down

I have been here many times before and there were days you couldn't touch me

Today I make room for the next player to razzle and dazzle you like I once did

Maybe even show you some new tricks that keep you shocked and amazed

That life is a game that we all can learn to play and play well


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    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 6 years ago

      Sunkentreasure What incredible words you share with me.I am thankful for all that I see and know.It is what I don't know that keeps me rattled.Thanx for reading and expanding my knowledge.

    • sunkentreasure profile image



      Look for the beauty

      in everything you see.

      Walk in peace

      showing kindness


      The secrets of success

      are motivation

      and dedication

      Happiness is

      what you make happen

      for yourself.

      Caring is

      going to the ends of the world

      for a stranger.

      Be useful with your life.

      Whatever you are doing

      put your whole

      being into it 100%

      Loving is

      pleasing your loved one everyday

      in a 1000 different ways.

      Control your mind

      you are its master

      Be in control.

      Live your life

      without hurting or


      Believe in yourself.

      Have respect for yourself.

      Walk through life

      always with a song.

      © Bernard Levine

    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 6 years ago

      HendrikDB I am right beside you all the way.Thanx and have a wonderful day.

    • HendrikDB profile image

      HendrikDB 6 years ago

      Very good and very true life is what we make of it. If I want life to be wonderful and beautiful; it will be!