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Journey to meet an unknown end.

Updated on February 18, 2015


A wooden room, a dusty soft couch, a shaky old table, a rusty cupboard and there a young boy stands at the door .The boy’s look is that of jolly but fragile. He is the only moving object for the entertainment for the observer.
He moves forward from the door, comes with a lazy drowsy glide towards the couch and throws himself on it. The couch sinks deep and deep…so low that it touches the very bottom of the floor. It doesn’t bother him. He looks happy and delight and gently closes his


The dream: “A bright light and a path. The path moves on and on as one moves along the journey. The walk is lengthy but will have an end. The other end of the path stands a figure. A figure of beauty and shine radiating with beautiful smile of pearls and the twinkle in bluish eyes full of overflowing love. I collapse in the beauty I see and collapse into its mesmerizing power. I feel the excruciating pain straight piercing into my heart, mind and soul, emerging out into tears of blood from my eyes. The pain deepens with the proximity of the figure of beauty approaching nearer and nearer. The blood oozes with full vigor. The more I try to open my eyes, I feel weak and the pain pierces right through my heart with double the force. I lay loose in the place.”


He is awake now. His eyes with a surprised gaze into the nothingness of this world he still has to know. His heart is beating vibrantly and his mind bloating with some curious questions of something which he still knows not of. He knows something which is yet to be known to him. The knowing of knowledge.

Wherever he looks there are questions popping in his mind. Question of things that he himself doesn’t know yet. So his quest for new change dawns on him and so his journey battles out from this point


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