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My Writing Adventure Begins

Updated on December 4, 2011

Irish Patriot Gearoid O'Sullivan

Gearoid O'Sullivan, Adjutant General, Irish Republican Army, circa 1920.
Gearoid O'Sullivan, Adjutant General, Irish Republican Army, circa 1920. | Source

Journeys of a First-time Novelist

jonihnj 7 weeks ago

Cad é mar a tá tú ?

As a longtime commercial copywriter embarking on her first "serious" literary endeavor, a book exploring Irish history and culture through the eyes of a somewhat prominent relative, I thought I should begin documenting my research journey, which has offered more twists and turns than many spy novels I have fallen asleep reading.

I hope some will find this journal interesting. However, I hope even more fervently that it will yield useful information about my elusive subject from even one or two people who might stumble across it and have information to share.

Why this topic? I have wanted to write a book for the longest time and have several ideas competing for prominence even now. But this is a subject that captured my imagination a long time ago. Now it will not let go until I have captured it on paper.

Coming as I do from a family of recent Irish emigrants, I heard fascinating stories about Ireland throughout my childhood. I especially enjoyed the tale about an uncle who, while visiting the family farm during the 1940s, was handed a roll of toilet paper and pointed toward an open field upon asking to use the facilities.

A visit to my homeland in rugged Southwest Ireland, to be warmly greeted by family who spoke English I could barely understand, transformed mild curiosity into a burning desire to know more. I began research for this book, depending on the kindness of strangers in Ireland for access to information available only there in museums and libraries.

It has been an unusual experience, and I will try to capture bits and pieces of it here – along with other day-to-day topics and interests that interfere with my “author’s journey.” I hope you will stay tuned for more about my adventures involving discussions with prominent Irish authors, unexpected discoveries, “ah ha!” moments, experiences with a few scam artists and, sadly, the tragic death of a kind and helpful source.

Meanwhile, in case you were wondering, my opening greeting, "Cad é mar a tá tú?," roughly translates "How are you?"

I shall end by wishing you Sláinte! – a great expression for making a toast, but also a wish that you enjoy good health.


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    • jonihnj profile image

      jonihnj 4 years ago from Metro New York

      Hi Lucy - thank you for your comment. I am certain that your Gearoid and your grandfather would have known each other. I had to take a break from my research/writing, but I am back. I will keep a lookout for David Golden and Joe Leonard, too, and post what I find here!

    • profile image

      Lucy Golden 4 years ago

      I have pictures of my Grandfather in his IRA uniform from right around 1920. I bet our Grandfathers knew each other! His name is David Golden.

      My grandma's brother Joe Leonard, was one of Michael Collins 12 apostles so I too grew up hearing crazy stories of my families past.

      I love reading your posts. Keep em up!