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Judy Moran- My story- Biography. Book Review

Updated on October 10, 2011
Judy now- a sad, washed up old lady, who just happens to be a murderer!
Judy now- a sad, washed up old lady, who just happens to be a murderer!
Judy Moran and how she would like you to remember her
Judy Moran and how she would like you to remember her

This book tells you nothing of her real world

The front cover says “Judith Moran- My story. The heartbreaking human story behind Melbourne’s gangland war”. This is not that story, despite what the cover says.

Guns, drugs, murder, mayhem, and underworld excitement. If this is what you are looking to read, then you won’t find it in this book. What we are dealing with here is a sad old pretender, in total denial, a “would be if she could be”. A gangster’s moll who conveniently didn’t see, or hear anything? The original book she published was printed, and then recalled and pulped, because it contained false allegations about deceased Victorian detective Fred Silvester.

You will get a laugh out of the front cover of this book though. It portrays a smirking Moran dressed, and made-up like some sort of famous socialite. Mutton dressed up as lamb so to speak. She was never one to act her age.

Judy now claims she is writing another book. I hope it’s a bit better than her last effort. She has signed on with celebrity agent Harry M Miller, who must be out of work and scraping the bottom of the barrel dealing with scum like this.

Judy Moran was married years ago to criminal, and Painter and Docker, Les Cole who was the father of Mark Moran. Lewis Moran, Judy’s second husband was the father of Jason Moran. They also had an uncle, Tuppence (Des Moran). I tell you this because they have all been shot dead. Murdered in cold blood.

After Judy wrote her pathetic little book, she was charged and convicted of the murder of her brother-in-law Des and was sentenced to 25 years in jail. This means she will probably die in jail

Judy Moran always boasted that she was a caviar and champagne girl. Never mind the fact that the expensive foods would have been purchased with the proceeds of crime. Either drugs or shoplifting.

Judy Moran has lead such a colourful and exciting, yet tragic life. You would think this would all be covered in the book. Unfortunately none of it is covered in the book. She has a bit to say about the funerals of her dead family but no more. She claims her husband belted her, no wonder I say.

Judy carries on like she is some sort of middle class, model citizen and that the crime world she lives in is just incidental. She has always swanned about like some sort of aussie Elizabeth Taylor. Her sad, overweight carcass would waddle around in her expensive clothing while wearing designer sunglasses and the press would film her every move. What was in her little mind? The book reveals nothing is in her mind, apart from lies.

This book is typical of a marauding, greedy, criminal who can only see dollar signs in her eyes. She wants the fame, glory, and publicity but she doesn’t want to tell you anything at all, apart from- she grew up, and was a dancer. That’s about it!

I know or knew most of the characters in this book. When son Jason was shot dead at the Cross Keys Hotel, I heard the shots and was at the murder scene within 5 minutes, not a pretty sight. I know a lot of what went on with this crew but it is all left out of the book.

If you read some of my other stories you would be aware that I lived across the road from Roberta Williams, Carl’s wife, for many years. Her biography is much the same, devoid of all of the interesting facts that mattered.

A sad postscript to this story is this- Gone are the glory days for Judy Moran. She now looks 20 years past her age and last time I saw her on TV she was fronting court for murder, dressed like trailer trash and getting around in a wheelchair. She is lucky she kept her mouth shut and didn’t write anything in her book, because her fellow prisoners would have made her pay for it, just like they made Carl Williams pay. Don’t waste your dollars reading this book it is a disappointment and a waste of time.

Carl Williams killed Judy's two sons Mark and Jason

Roberta William's- arch enemy of Judy Moran, wife to Carl- RIP

Read my book review of this and grab a copy top book!!!


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    • wildchild1962 profile image

      wildchild1962 6 years ago from Geraldton

      I just happen to be writing a book about my fairly exciting time on this planet. I have already written one about my time in jail. Go to

      Look up the Judy Moran and Carl Williams on Wikipedia and you will be both surprised and amazed!!

    • ComfortB profile image

      Comfort Babatola 6 years ago from Bonaire, GA, USA

      Wow! You certainly got a lot to say, and you have a way of captivating an audience. Why not put it in a book?

      Though I know nothing about anything that's mentioned, I find it to be an interesting read!