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Julio Jr A Boxer's Tale

Updated on May 23, 2017

I stood quasi-stationary in my ring corner,

Ready to unleash a furious hailstorm,

Perspiration drizzling down my brow,

Training etched in my brain as if written in cuneiform,

My countenance was truly expressionless,

Never let your opponent in on your thought,

Which truly belied the way I felt inside,

For all the dangers this fight was fraught,

Come away victorious in this fight,

Move up the ranks and increase my fame,

Come away from this fight on the losing end,

Chances lost, more regrets, and lasting shame,

The sound of the bell resonates sharply,

Awakening me from my fanatic gaze,

I meet my opponent in the center of the ring,

Amongst the camera flash, mist and haze,

Crushing rights came raining down,

I struggled mightily to weather the storm,

Lighting lefts then soon followed,

Sending Thunderous blows to do me harm,

He continuously tried to breach my defenses,

With punches that came at me in waves,

I tried to turn the tide of the fight,

By keeping his punches at bay,

The crowd was egging him on,

To try and turn out my lights,

Kept one eye open fixed on how to steal his thunder,

while the other watched his godly right,

A punch to his solar plexus,

shifted the fight from day to night,

now I was dishing out the pain,

and he was the one eating rights,

Two more punches to the temple,

three more to his sturdy frame,

chopping shots to his chin,

felled my opponent and he went lame,

Victory and spoils to me,

freshly minting my growing name

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    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 11 months ago from Queensland Australia

      This poem captured a fighter's perspective well, James. I am a boxing fan and two of my sons do Thai Boxing. I also wrote a poem called "The Boxing Troup." Good work with this.