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Julius Caesar Shakespeare

Updated on May 31, 2014
Julius Caesar
Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar: Honor

Honor is something that takes time to maintain; sometimes it’s not so easy to get but very easy to lose if you have it. In the story of Julius Caesar there are parts in which it had some characters that were honorable and dishonorable. In the play, who are the most honorable and dishonorable people? In order to find out we need to find out more information. Honor is for people that deserve it; the most honorable person was Mark Antony and Brutus was the most dishonorable one.

Honor is defined as high respect or having privileges. Many people today have some type of honor whether its and an award or getting the honor to meet your hero. It’s amazing how we always get honor but some are left unnoticed. In the play of Julius Caesar there were certainly many characters that showed us both dishonor and honor for Caesar. To obtain honor from someone you need to work on getting their trust and mostly being a good friend. To keep honor it’s like keeping a healthy relationship with your significant other, both sides need to be ready to work with each other. Meaning that to have honor you need to keep it by not disrespecting your friend by back stabbing them literally and Figuratively. Honor is a tricky idea where you don’t really know who you can trust with it.

Who in Julius Caesar was the most honorable? Like I said before it has to be someone who is overall a good friend and loyal person. Mark Antony is the character that perfectly fits that description of most honorable. From start to finish Antony was always on Caesar’s side not betraying him. To begin with he was very close to Caesar, for he said the speech in his funeral saying, “I do desire no more” (Act 3 Sc. 1 Line 278) than that. Antony made a deal with the conspirators in order to set up his plan to revenge Caesar’s death. To seal the agreement Antony told them “I doubt not of your wisdom. Let each man render me his body his bloody hand” (Act 3 Sc. 1 Lines 200-201). What this agreement was all about was to not talk bad of the conspirators and then Antony can say the speech at Caesar’s funeral. Antony remained Honorable from what he said in his speech, he obeyed the rules of Brutus yet at the same time being loyal to Caesar. Within his speech he said sarcastically “But Brutus says he [Caesar] was ambitious, And Brutus is an honorable man.” (Act 3 Sc. 2 Lines 95-96) clearly stating to the audience that he is not on his side. Another sign that shows us that Antony is honorable is how in his speech he said, “He [Caesar] was my friend, fateful and just to me” what this means is that Caesar trusted Antony and vice versa. At the end of the play Antony revenges Caesar’s death by using his army to get to Brutus and just over powered him and took over Rome for the greater good just as Caesar would have wanted.

Brutus was man who believed that he didn’t “love Caesar less, but that I [Brutus] loved Rome more.” (Act 3 Sc. 2 Lines 23-24). Even though he says he loved Caesar, Brutus didn’t really because he would have been honorable and not kill him yet he did. Brutus was Caesar’s best friend as close as you could get, so why would such a close friend do such a horrible thing? His reason was “death for his ambition” (Act 3 Sc. 2 Line 30), yet doesn’t everyone have ambition toward something? It was not the fact that Caesar had ambition but that Brutus was just dishonorable. He helped plan the whole murder with his other conspirators and he stabbed his own best friend. Caesar was surprised and heart broken once he saw that it was Brutus too who was in on this, his dying words were “Et tu, Brutè? – Then fall Caesar.” (Act 3 Sc.1 Line 85). It was said that Antony “presented him [Caesar] a kingly crown, which he did thrice refuse.” (Act 2 Sc. 2 Lines 105-106) which means that Caesar really wasn’t ambitious. Brutus was just hands down dishonorable to his so-called best friend.

Honor is sometimes hard to deal with and for some it is a simple chose to make. For Brutus he betrayed his best friend for the sake of Rome but his argument doesn’t really make sense, once you look at it in detail he is the most dishonorable person. On the other hand Antony was the one that never left Caesar’s side even when he died, he stayed true to him and was honorable.


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