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Jumping Mad Happy

Updated on April 24, 2013

Happy Jump

At first, Kristen was on a trampoline happily jumping up and down. She was the only person who knew why but she wanted to wait to tell other people. She was so ecstatic. Her friends Lucy and John were wondering why she was on her trampoline. ‘Why are you on your trampoline,” asked Lucy. “It’s fun and I felt like jumping. Want to join me?” said Kristen. “No we just came by to see you. What is going on?” said John. She got down and told them that she got into the summer abroad program for English majors. She gets to go to England for the whole summer. That’s great said Lucy. “But what about the lifeguard job that all three of us have?” said John. “I already called them about it and they said that it was okay. I’ll be back in late August,” Kristen said. Lucy and John looked at each other and then gave her a hug. The next week they went with her and her parents to the airport to see her off. Her mom gave her a hug while her dad told her 'do not make bad choices.' She told him okay and then hugged her friends and went to catch her flight. When she arrived, she saw a group of people and a sign that said Pennsylvania students and saw the tour guide/professor. He welcomed her and gave her a packet about what they are going to do. He welcomed everybody else, told them what is going to happen and took them to the bus that takes them to the hotel. She came to the room where she met her roommate whose name was Leah and they got acquainted with each other. "We are going to have so much fun, Kristen" said Leah. Kristen smiled and agreed with her. While she was there, she saw Big Ben and Buckingham Palace and the whole group even went to the mall to shop for an hour. She almost got in trouble though when her roommate got into a fight with one of the residents who was trying to start something Thank God that both of them did not get arrested. The tour was really about the history of the country and how famous writers like William Shakespeare and Charles Dickens started out with their struggles and successful. She did not want to leave at all but it was back to reality. She came home and told her family and friends about everything and wanted all of them to travel there next summer.


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