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June 23

Updated on March 1, 2017

I remember a day, when I was miles away

and he hit you a little too hard.

I remember my fear, running rampant like tears,

down my cheeks and leaving me helpless.

I remember I cried, like my heart had just died

As my grip on the phone went slack.

I wanted so bad to keep you safe from your dad

But I couldn't help even myself.

You wanted to end it, but I swore to defend it

Yet it seems to have been a lost cause

I remember you crying and bleeding and dying

And all I could do was just whisper

I promise I'll listen but the human condition

Is not meant to consist of that pain

He's crossed another line, and this time it's not "fine"

Can I win or will my voice be lost?

You've been walking around, kept your head off of the ground

For too many years all alone

I've been trying to tell you, trying hard to compel you

To stand up and fight in this war.

You swear that you need him, that no other can be him

but without you no channel for change.

And as happy as you seem, I know I have to intervene

Because without you I don't know how I'd Survive

Oftentimes I wonder if it's easier to suffer

Than to watch the ones you love, feel like you do.

© 2017 Isabella Allred


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