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Jurisprudence meanings scope and purpose

Updated on January 30, 2010


The word jurisprudence is derived from latin word jurisprudentia, meaning either knowledge of law or skill in the law

According to oxford dictionary it is defined as jurispruidence is the systematic and formulated knowledge or science of human law.

According to ecnyclopaedia "Jurisprudence is the name given to those studies, researches and speculations which aim primarily at answering the plain man,s question.what is law?.It is proposed to define law for the jurist as the sum of the influence that determine decisions in court of justice".

Encyclopaedia America: Jurisprudence is functional study of concept that legal system develop and the social interest that the law protects.As the practical science jurisprudence is the practice of judging the same question in the same manner and thus forming precedents.It includes boththe legal ordering of human relations and the body of legal institutions and materials by which the legal process is carried out.

Jurisprudence has been considered at various times and bydiffrent schools of thought as philosophy,history or science.It is concerned essentially with the nature and function of law.It deals with such questions as what is law, where does it come from? what does it do?and what are the means for doing it.

To sum up jurisprudence is a study, knowledge understanding, philosophy or research of the fundamental legal principles.It is any thought or writing about law and its relation to other social sciences such as economics, psychology,philosophy, sociology, politics and ethics etc.It digs into the historical past and attempts to create the symmetry of a garden out of the confusion of different conflicting legal system.It consist in whatever law thinks, says and does in any field of human society.

Purpose and scope of Jurisprudence

Jurisprudence disclose knowledge of general ideas and principles of all legal systems, so it is called eye of the law.Certain fundamental conceptions such as negligance liability,mens rea etc. have to be learned before provision of law relating to them can be understood, and jurisprudence teaches these fundamentals conceptions.Jurisprudence trains the mind into legal ways of thought.It teaches the proper use of legal terms, and is called grammer of law.The study of jurisprudence helps law makers by providing them brief and clear terminology.It enlightens sstudents and help them in adjusting themselves in society without causing injuries to the interest of other student.To find out the true meaninig of law, jurisprudence helps the judges and the lawyer.


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