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Just A Touch Of Evil

Updated on May 15, 2016

What can i say, life to me is just a game
They placed me in the asylum because they thought i was insane
My surviving relatives and friends stay as far away from me as possible
Psychiatrist claim that understanding my mind is downright impossible
So where did all this start? Well if you have a minute i will tell
But after i confide in you i have no choice but to drag your wretched soul to hell
Now since you are still reading, that means we have a deal
Just drop a tip of blood on your computer and the deal is sealed

I lived in a family of five, none of them i liked
My mother, father, my sister and my little brother spike
Mother was a nagger, so she had to go first
Clean up your room she said, take out the trash she said, to rid of her i had a scorching thirst
I set her up good, now that car she drove had no brakes
She landed in the sea after scaling a precipice, smashed on the rocks like wooden crates
My sister was a fitness freak, she spent all her life in-front the mirror
But on a cold windy day, the mirror would be her killer
One day as she was heading downstairs, brushing her hair staring into her mirror and not watching her step
I placed a nylon string in her path, she fell and rolled like an onion and broke her neck
Two down, two to go i thought,
I had to plan this so i wouldn't get caught

I couldn't stand that little worm they called spike
He was everyone's favorite, but no one liked mike
He loved to eat, and they gave him anything he wished
Even when he finished his meal, i had to take away his dish
But he was allergic to sea food, especially crabs
I knew how to get rid of him with this evil plot i had
So i waited till Saturday, when dad was locked away fixing that old scrap he called a car
I went down to Big Al's burger joint, which was not too far
I ordered two burgers, a beef for me and a crab for him
Then i hid around the corner and switched the wrappings
All i had to do was place the two burgers on the kitchen table and leave
I know that greedy brother of mine would simply snatch one up without asking, a good price to pay for his greed

About fifteen minutes after stuffing his face with the poisonous crab meat he began to turn blue
He couldn't breath, he couldn't scream, He didn't know what to do
He banged on my door and fell to his knees gripping my waist
I kicked him away, he was swollen like a pregnant pig, after 20 minutes i couldn't recognize his face
He rolled on the floor, gasping, gasping, clutching on to his last breath
But no angel came to save his soul, only the grim reaper of death
I saw him die and it made me whole
Just another quencher for my homeless soul
My father weeped and mourned at the funeral, just like he always do
He was beginning to get hysterical, after all, the man lost his, son, his daughter and his wife
He said i was all he had left, and he would protect me with his life
He hugged me and all i wished was that i had a knife to stab him in the back
But we were at a funeral "mourning" but i did not give jack!

I decided to let a little time pass before i disposed of him
after all, he was feeding me,and i was going to turn 18 next year, so i needed him
Pretty soon, i was the beneficiary for everything my papa owned
Life insurance, property, cash, i was the next king of this throne
It was now time, time to to get rid of the old geezer
Getting rid of his winkled wacko would be a breezer
My plan was simple, drop few pills in his drink, locked him in the garage and let him breath car fumes
Then i would run and scream telling everyone about this tragic news
Now that i have rid myself of those pesky vermin, it's all about me now
But everything i did i wrote, and that snoopy detective got hold of my diary somehow

Deep down, deep deep down, i know i am not evil and i know you agree
Please, could you come and spend some time with me?


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    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Fuller 13 months ago from Southern Illinois

      Your rhyming is really good for a psycho! lol You never miss the water until the well runs dry. I an highly allergic to crabs.YUCK

    • clivewilliams profile image

      Clive Williams 13 months ago from Nibiru


    • Frank Atanacio profile image

      Frank Atanacio 13 months ago from Shelton

      what a bite out of darkness.. poison crabs.. hmm.. love the hub my friend awesome :)

    • clivewilliams profile image

      Clive Williams 13 months ago from Nibiru

      Thank you for reading this evil hub, may good hubs follow you.

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