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Just Another Tintype For A Heart Of Gold.

Updated on April 5, 2017

Just another tintype for my heart of gold.

Time tunnelled backwards

when you said goodbye,

all the warm memories

turned to frozen smiles,

polaroids became

polar androids

frozen images

in robotic poses,

meaning so little

to me now.

You looked different

in my scrapbook

scrap became a much

more appropriate word,

less the s of course

so I held them up,

realizing I had been framed

in the flash of

a bad realtionship

blinded by it's brightness

never seeing the real you.

The you-ser

the u-surper

that you were

with my broken heart.

Then I burned the

captured moments

in a wood stove

in memory of all

that I would have done

with even greater warmth

had you stayed.

Watching them curl,

much in the way

my stomach curled

when you spit

upon our love....

and quenched the fire.


©-2017 Matthew F. Blowers III

Art~Whimsically Yours Studio


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