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Just Around The bend,

Updated on April 17, 2017


Just Around The Bend.

Driven to run

fearless into a

bright orange

burning building

white heat searing lungs

browned hair burning

as she saves the child.

In one moment

of compassion

flinging his body

full length

across the grenade

that tumbles into

the camoflauged mess tent

saving many lives

around him from

death's red hot shrapnel

Isolated in a small

pocket of the world

in dense green jungles,

caring for tribes who

would kill and eat them

if the gods favored it.

Diving to shove

a toddler from

the path of a car,

and dying

on black asphalt.

Heroes come in

many colors,

burnt black,

blood red, and

crushed blues

In the rainbow of man

they are the pot

of gold at its end.

©-2017-Matthew F. Blowers III


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