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Just Growing Up

Updated on July 31, 2016

Growing up just meant school,
I can no longer swim kiddie pools.
I want to learn more things and stuffs,
I want to end up looking cool.

I met my teacher in my room,
Loving and caring person is she.
Started the class with a smile,
Told us we are a big family.

It went like that for years,
I was close to crying tears.
I wasn't accustomed to this,
The child-life, I surely miss.

I reached a point where I realised,
All of this was for my future.
Getting out of my box,
To learn new things in the class.

I finished each year with honours,
My grade were with flying colours.
I was so happy what this has made,
My parents' smiles would not fade.

Check out the other poems I made. :D And stay tuned, I'm close to releasing a teaser of my very short book! Follow me guys and I'll follow you back! Let's enjoy exchanging our creations to feed our ever-hungry reading souls!


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    • Lester Radam profile image

      Ricsoon Radam 12 months ago from Philippines

      Thank you, MAMEPIPOU! I'm glad you like it. :)

    • profile image

      MAMEPIPOU 12 months ago

      Good poem. Keep it up!