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Just Keeps Getting Better -13

Updated on August 3, 2022

Two Weeks Later

Eva Robaznik was, if nothing else, extremely efficient.

Within two weeks she had organised her return to her homeland, traded in her fancy car for a modest vehicle which though keeping it in her name, had a power of attorney granted to to Jeremy Nunes.

She elected to be taken to the airport by another driver so as not to allow the possibility of a dramatic 'good-bye'.

Jeremy had been driving another executive as Eva's plane took off.

He was exuberant, deep into a lively discussion on football, primarily, Arsenal FC. As he knew so much he was out talking one of his bosses, who didn't take it well.

Late that evening, (way late) driving away from work, he made the wrong turn; going towards Eva's townhouse; that is when he realized she was gone.

She was gone, really gone and he was Free!

But freedom has a bit of a price. He better get to a supermarket and pick up some eat now fast food on his way to his flat or starve.

Realising a Mistake

As Jeremy put his groceries into the car he was feeling exultant about 'winning' the match. His team had played as he said they would, and Bollington's team flopped.

Then he remembered that Bollington was the boss.

Instead of having spoken to him with deference and uncertainty he had exposed that he knew his football in a voice he would have used to a friend. Bollington was Not a friend.

This might not go well. There could be repercussions.

Watching Time

Eva craved to call Jeremy as her plane touched down, but as it was a fifteen hour
flight it was 1 am (Jeremy Time) so she would wait until his 7:30 AM.

Yes, she'd wait, focus on her family for the next six and one half hours, then call him. She hoped he wasn't anxiously awaiting her call.

If she actually knew him, which she didn't, she would appreciate he didn't care if he never heard from her, of her or about her again.

Jeremy had hit his bed at 9:30, a mixture of exhaustion, boredom and opting out.

When will he learn to keep his mouth shut?

The reality was that Mr. Bollington was cheesed off. Angry the lowly Chauffeur from nowhere, was right about the results of a particular FA match. Bollington, who had lived in London, was wrong.

Today would not go well for Jeremy, who was leaving the house at 7:30 am when his cell rang.

It was Eva. He took a breath, tried not to sound distressed.

She asked how things were and because he didn't have anyone to talk to at the moment he gave her the long version of the Bollington story.

Eva instructed him to buy a bottle of wine and put it on Bolo's desk. Bollington was a rather vicious person who could hold grudges forever. Buying him off was the best idea.

Jeremy got a bit warmer, for Eva had, from a distance, 'protected him.'

He better write it down, in case he forgot, with Eva gone there was no one to 'protect' him.

Although Jeremy would love to quit this job, he was reluctant. Until he had a place to go he had no choice.

And even now, even though he was free and on his own, he needed Eva to protect him.

And he thinks; it just keeps getting better.


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