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Just Keeps Getting Better-14

Updated on December 6, 2012

The Regiment

Before Eva had left she had downloaded a new version of Skype on her laptop. The laptop, along with the microwave, camera, and other things she had given to Jeremy.

Unlike the other things, the laptop had a caveat; she would contact him every morning at 6:30.

His usual wake up time was 6:15. Having lived with him for nearly a year she knew his schedule. As there was a seven hours time difference her call would coincide when she was taking her lunch.

If for any reason they were unable to connect at that time she'd give him a call at his 4 pm.

Every morning as Jeremy woke up he'd on the laptop, into the shower, make breakfast.
and he'd speak to Eva for ten minutes while eating, dress and leave to work. On
weekends the connection would start at his 10:00 am and go on and on.

With Eva gone Jeremy returned to the Chess club with full force. His lawyer, Diane Robinson, who was also his usual opponent, only brought up the Divorce once,as it so agitated him and threw him off his game it wasn't fair.

The Approach of D(elivery) Day

Eva had arranged that Jeremy would be in her country to witness the birth of their child. She had gotten him a VISA, booked the ticket, and he had been instructed when and how to ask for leave.

During the time of their separation she had brought up the divorce only once during their morning chats. She could see it annoyed him so she forswore herself never to mention it again.

Her mother and friends agreed with her, one of them suggesting that on his salary how could he possibly afford a lawyer? He must be paying the retainer on weekly installments.

They didn't realise he hadn't paid th lawyer At All.


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