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Just Keeps Getting Better -15

Updated on July 12, 2017

The Signs

Diane Robinson had been practicing
law almost as long as Jeremy Nunes
was alive.

Experience had taught her that
when a man wants a divorce he
flies into the Chambers of an
attorney with all the documents,
and the retainer in his hand.

A man who wants a Divorce
developes a new schedule.
This is to call the lawyer every
week to find out if his Petition
is Ready.

Once it is ready he races in, signs, and asks why it is taking so long.

When it is time for the Petition to be served, the man who wants the divorce grabs
that petition and before sundown, it has been placed in the hands of his soon to be ex-wife.

That is when a man Wants a Divorce.
That was not Jeremy Nunes.

Jeremy mentioned divorce over a game of Chess. That was nearly eight months ago. Now, he appears at her Chambers with the documents so she could begin.
Documents, and not a dollar.

Diane didn’t say anything, she knew what was going on.

Just before Jeremy left, he mentioned he’d be ‘going abroad’ for five weeks. He seemed more excited than she had ever seen and she realised he had never traveled before.

Diane tossed Jeremy's file to a clerk; there was no rush. And friendship has limits. And that limit is going through with a full divorce without receiving one cent.

After leaving the lawyer..

Jeremy received a phone call just as he was getting into the car; Eva had delivered a son earlier that day. ‘They’ (Eva) would call him Max,

Jeremy was happy. He had been somewhat nauseous to think he’d have to be at the hospital witnessing the birth. With that impediment removed he could be joyful at getting a five week paid vacation somewhere he’d never thought of.

He'd fly on a plane, he'd travel like any big shot. He'd be taken care of ... it was almost a dream.

So happy, he went to a Sports Bar and had a beer, watching the Match. A player named Max scored a goal so he felt it was a good sign.

On the Other side of the World...

Eva cried a little after she disconnected. Jeremy had hidden his disappointment so well. She hated her body, it had betrayed her. Why couldn’t it have held Max just a few more days so that Jeremy could have shared in her joy?

It just was so unfair. She had left Jeremy alone. She was surrounded by her family and friends and he had no one.

Her mother told her not to be sad, it would sour her milk. And further, many men faint when their women give birth so it was possible that things had worked out for the best.

Perhaps....she thought, it would be better for Jeremy to see her at home, and not in a hospital. Be able to hold the baby when he wanted without supervision. But...if only he could have been there to see Max take his first breath....


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