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Just Keeps Getting Better -18

Updated on August 3, 2022


Eva had been very specific. She wanted an apartment of a certain cost for the five weeks she would be in the country.

She did not want to stay at a hotel. She wanted to visit certain places, she needed certain groceries, on and on; sending a lengthy email so that nothing would be left to chance.

Jeremy rang up Diane, who was a lawyer and might know of a place matching Eva’s criterion. Not surprisingly she did; “I am staying at a kind of off campus dorm as I teach a few courses at the University. The rent isn’t bad, electricity, water are included, the flats are furnished, there are kitchens and interestingly, one of the other tutors just moved out so I think I can get you that room without hassle.”

On Skype the next morning Jeremy told this to Eva who accepted it as standard, not that Diane had virtually pulled a rabbit out of a hat.

On his way to work he remembered Diane was the lawyer who was supposed to be looking about his divorce. He better speak to her at the Club tonight.

Chess Club

Jeremy had known Diane for a number of years. That is to say he knew she was a lawyer, aged about the generation of his mother, and that she drove a sports car.

What he had found most interesting was the reliance she put on her bishops and knights, almost incapable of playing her rooks. She also drank strong coffee and a lot of it, and loved chocolate.

She would know that he was more of a offensive player, but conservative, that he worked for a corporation, but not his position and drove a SUV, preferred tea to coffee and liked donuts.

This is what they needed to know at the Chess Club.
Not in Life.

Having seen his marriage certificate she would know precisely how old he was, his full name, and the name of his wife. Now he would have to tell/warn her about Eva and ask her not to admit the truth about the divorce.

“What do you mean, precisely?” Diane asked looking up from the Chess Board;

“Don’t tell her I haven’t paid you....” he said.

“I might be able to dodge an indirect question, but I’d have to tell her to ask you, and that would prove to her that ‘something’ was wrong.”

Jeremy thought about it; the way Eva could stare and ask a question as if reading the number of atoms in an answer to evaluate it.

Diane wondered if she should bring up the obvious, decided not to. It was not her business unless he paid her to make it her business.

She would keep the facts to herself but had the distinct impression that this ‘Eva’ would deduce that Jeremy was stalling.

She had, on seeing him for the first time in so many months noticed his new clothes
and assumed he was doing well.

Now she perceived he was living off of Eva's money. That he had 'lucked' into a 'sugar momma' whom he really wasn't interested in marrying.

Jeremy could feel Diane's gaze. Could feel she was seeing his soul. He didn't know what to say or do, so pushed a pawn.

“Check Mate.” said Diane.

It just keeps getting better.


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