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Just Punks!!

Updated on February 19, 2010



on March 20, 2002.  ©~MFB III



cigarettes dangling
from thier lips
parked directly opposite
of the permanent sneer
that sits
locked in sardonicus style
on their pimpled face
14 to twenty something,
always claiming to be wise
beyond thier years
when wise ass
is the highest degree
they've ever achieved
spouting anti-God,
a bad mouthed
midget anti-christ
each one
they crucify
the world
unless it fits into
their narrow minded
vacant skulls
pretending to be poets
talented musicians
spouting babble
you hear the endless
hammer of their
speakers pounding bass
dragging young punk girls
to womanhood
demanding more
but never giving
satisfaction in return
pantomiming thier
disinterest and
scandalizing love
and weekly they traverse
the roads
as they seek out
and destroy
vandalizing mailboxes
just for some thrills or kicks
tossing their discarded
emptied brew bottles on lawns
I hope some of them meet up
with the punkbuster I've made
two solid steel poles
five foot high
cemented in my yard
directly in the front
of my mailbox
and painted black
one on each side
they firmly guard
from any punks attack
I'm sure some night
at I:00 a.m.
I'll hear the
awesome crack
of an oak
Louisville slugger
and one arm
that is flung back
at forty miles an hour
to hang useless
numb and slack
no jury will convict me
when thier whiney
parents sue
for their poor child
getting hurt
while smashing
property I own
punks don't ever amount
to much in life
you see them often
Incarcerated in the
finest pens
when they grow old
or propped up
on a curb
holding a bottle
in one hand
or pissing in
an alleyway
still out there
vandalizing walls
just like they did
when they were young
now using different sprays
most of them wind up
shattered like the
mailboxes they wrecked
they die in droves through
high speed chases
in a roadside ditch
but some of them
escape the plague
of always being punks
they wind up married
in the burbs
but when their
kids are teens
they end up posting bail
to get thier children
home for dinner
then soon 
they start to see
a punk reflected
in their kids
just like they used to be
return to sender
Life's revenge
to all punks
who go barreling
through other people's dreams
and late at night
you often hear
some ex-punk Parent's screams


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    • ladyjane1 profile image

      ladyjane1 8 years ago from Texas