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Just... Respect

Updated on January 19, 2016


Respect others
Respect others | Source

Respect... just a little word. Yet, It can change for good any wounded soul.


Wise people, could you tell me

a little something?

Who could blame

a young and tender heart

that only wanted to be loved?

I guess that nobody could…

Did you know?

To love is never a crime,

no matter who you love.

But some people

can´t understand something so simple.

So, they never open their minds up

to receive with open arms

new kinds of ideas

and expressions of love.

Tell me, smart souls,

Who could blame a soul

that just wanted to feel

the sweetest of the embraces?

We can never judge

a person biased by the choices

they made.

Stop It

To stop for good

all of this madness.

so filled with hatred.

Let´s learn to respect

everybody, and let´s try

to stop hurting other's feelings.

I know it does sounds

way too hard,

but it´s really easy to do.

Just, try to think

before you speak.

Nobody is better or worse

for loving in a different way.

Nobody has any right to disrespect

another human being.

Maybe this little poem

is not going to make a big difference,

and it is far from changing the world.

But.. Who could blame me?

There's nothing worse than never trying

to change your part of the world.


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