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Just South Of Nowhere.

Updated on January 2, 2010

Just South Of Nowhere!


I stand on an empty
strand of sand
a lesser man,
my rib cage

holds my soul
in its overexposed
bars of bone,
I'm down to

two coconuts
and hitting fish

with rocks
I hate sushi

and I'm lonely,
I'm stuck on

a tiny atoll
and what a toll
it is taking

from me,
I could use this

glass bottle
to slit my wrists,

and bleed
out into the ocean
thereby escaping

in some manner,
but I can still see
her pale blue eyes
and her sweet smile,
and how saddened

they would be
when my drained

remains were found.
so I am sending

out this message
on the back

of the ticket
I had in my pocket,
using the pen
I signed my bar tab with,
from the

cruise ship
I fell off of,
in a most

inebriated state.
They promised me that I
would travel the world
and see exotic places,
but my world

has shrunk
to a postage stamp
and this could

be my last letter,
I used a plug

of coconut
to seal it tight
tomorrow's breakfast
so if you find it
please hurry

my rescue
and allow me

to kiss again
that fair haired lass
who awaits

me back home.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~©-MFB III


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