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Just The Rat

Updated on May 17, 2015

I am just the rat.

I am not loved.

A bigger burden.

than getting pushed and shoved.

I hide in alleys, too dark to see.

where no one will spend time with me.

I eat the scraps of the food you toss.

I deal with your heart break, pain and loss.

Others talk badly about me behind my back.

They shoo me away when I come out of the cracks.

But when I stay a put in my small hole

They start to wonder “where did that rat go?”

They look and seek for just a hair

and when I show my face, they no longer care.

They don’t seem to realize they are rats as well.

Surrounded by mirrors, but they still can’t tell.

They come together, and single me out.

Their habits worse than mine, without a doubt.

When they call me a burden, its plain to see

that they are just as bad as me.

Something about that brain inside their mind,

makes them think they are better than rats of my kind.

Make broad choices, so they can live at ease

Still haven't realized not all of life’s traps have cheese.


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    • Frank Atanacio profile image

      Frank Atanacio 2 years ago from Shelton

      very creative.. I like the rat