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Flash Tale Poetry 4

Updated on October 26, 2014

Read Like the Blues ( Poem Two )

Reality displayed so much,

everyone stayed in touch,

the words would fall

the newspaper had it all,

the daily news

read like the blues,

the pages bounced from stabbing

to shootings,

bag snatching, looting,

political bad breaths,

questionable deaths,

overdoses, suicide,

even the sports page

displayed outrage,

the readers waiting earnestly

for something new,

anything new.

A Killing ( Poem One )

He laughed out loud

as his righteousness would preach,

there was a gargle, a screech,

his emotions were stirring like angry bees,

as his victim slithered slowly to his knees,

his victim prays,

then tried to roll forwards and sideways,

to lie on the floor,

the murderer let him slip

gently as he closed the door,

it was a killing,

so the murderer was willing,

there was a film of sweat on his forehead,

eyes glassy and red,

then he stepped over the fallen victim,

setting him up for another attack,

straddling the exposed back,

and like a swine,

the victim would grunt and snort,

as the murderer gave one short,

vicious twist to the neck,

sideways, backwards, upwards,

momentarily, the spirit felt trapped,

the crack as the cervical column snapped,

was not very loud,

but it did the trick,

and the murderer was very proud.


© 2011 Frank Atanacio


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