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Just William books| Richmal Crompton | Short stories for kids

Updated on December 2, 2012

Just William books

The Just William books by Richmal Crompton were amongst the most memorable parts of my childhood. The William magic I guess is as strong as ever as I see these books in the book shelves still. Few things can beat the pleasure afforded by a good book. I remember being enthralled by a whole new world while reading as a child. Among the best gifts I got in my childhood was a love of reading and a store of books.

Just William - Wonderful series of children's books

The 'William books' lent a good deal of joy and entertainment to my childhood days. The name of William Brown, the 11 year old mischievous school boy protagonist of this series of wonderfully enchanting stories for children, still evokes the child in many an adult who grew up reading William. William's disenchantment with rules, his refreshing candour and consequent lack of many societal graces, his love of adventure and last but not least his dogged perseverance (with the best of intentions), in his imaginative programs, in spite of the inevitable trouble he gets into - all find and would continue to find resonance with many a young child (and perhaps adult) all over the world. Almost a century after the first one in the series was published, the 'William books' have retained their great appeal.

William doesn't care much for his personal appearance, is fond of playing at Red Indians and Pirates, is usually full of good intentions but often gets into trouble. He, along with his three close friends Ginger, Henry and Douglas form the 'outlaws,' of which William is the natural leader. William has an extremely active imagination and is constantly thinking up new games and adventures. 'Jumble,' his scruffy mongrel is part of many of his adventures.

The William books - short stories for kids

The William books have delighted tens of millions of children over decades. Authored by Richmal Crompton and published over a period of almost 5 decades (from 1922 to 1970), the 39 William books have been translated in 9 languages and sold all over the world. They have also formed the basis of several TV, film and radio shows. All but one of these 39 books are collections of short stories for kids. The only exception was one novel, 'Just William's Luck'.

Richmal Crompton

Richmal Crompton, born in Lancashire in 1890 was a committed school teacher and writer. Due to illness, she however gave up her teaching career and took to full time writing. She never married and had no children. Her first published William short story 'Rice Mould' was published in 'Home magazine' in 1919. In 1922 was brought out the first collection 'Just William' of short stories featuring William. 38 more William books were published, the last one in 1970 after her demise. Although she has written many novels for adults, she is best remembered and is most famous for her William books.

The joy of reading

The joy of reading makes life so much better for so many of us. Indeed, a good book can transport one to another world altogether, can open the windows to extraordinary spaces only limited by the expression of the author and the imagination of the reader. It is my fervent wish that everyone in the world can have books to read. A love of reading and a book in hand can make up for many other things we may not have in life.

Gift ideas for kids - Books as gifts for kids

If you are looking for an interesting gift idea for a child, do consider books as gifts for kids. Books make great gifts. A good book can often be a wonderful experience for a child - it offers clean entertainment and lasting joy. Good books are treasured and a book as a gift is often a great idea.

Wouldn't William have loved this!

Just William books

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