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Oh, Only Just a Dream!

Updated on May 13, 2013
Starry Sky
Starry Sky | Source

Sweet sleep was what my teary eyes begged,

Staring at you had only made my heart wept.

You're so lovely in the night sky you reside,

I glanced and then I couldn't hide.

Oh, what dreadful situation I am in!

A desire to own you would be so much of a sin,

For you were pretty much out of my reach,

You're never mine no matter how much I try to wish;

To gaze up was my only chance to see,

You, who had started to plant glee in me.

But do tell me: How long would this be?

Would I only stop and stare until I see you flee?

Please tell me it won't be what it seemed,

Because you seem to be just a dream - oh, only just a dream!


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