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Just More Fragments

Updated on December 9, 2011

Closer, till they graze
softly, contact made
electric first time meeting
pleased to make your acquaintance
as your breath on me increases
and your nervous heartbeat rises
and a moan escapes your lips
confirming, even begging to progress
into more than just a kiss
cause we're more than only this
we could be everything or nothing
but tonight will be exactly
what we allow it to be

You've got me at a disadvantage
when you smile in my direction
like a playful invitation
a glimpse into fantasy's future
or dreams come true
or disappointment perhaps
but those eyes are more than that
and when they meet mine,
doors are opened to any possibility
despite how low the probability

More than a name
or a religion
I speak it and shake
as it echoes through the trees
and I feel so guilty
but only the forest
bore any witness

Numbed by complexity
it isn't as simple
as we think we can make it
until we no longer feel it
and no longer give it
attention or credit
chaos barrages
death entices
never thinks twice
about taking your life

Let's create a shining idol
of material worthlessness
that we have reduced from the earth
to prove to the heavens
how deserving of life we are

How many corpses' eyes
must I gaze into deeply
before the pattern is found
that the dead are the living
the walking rot
a future of zombies
not so distant, turns out
they're already among us

The mixture of cold and wet
crossing paths with the white,
and liquid droplets of life
that fall from the darkening sky
over the rooftops of American cities,
causing us to leave our couches temporarily
to look out our windows and take in the image
of a million piercing fragments of clouds,
that cut through sight,
and mentality of mind,
rooting themselves in the centers of memories
that came, and were lost, imprinting themselves
into time, in our heads, forever made marks
on eternity’s being,
on that instant of existence
that was then, and is now,
and will be, when it comes to be

Snow falls during Winter,
and sun during Summer,
and leaves during Autumn,
and smiles in Springtime,
and sighs in the night,
and yawns in the daytime,
with little known way to distinguish between them,
as they blend and dissolve into one timeless moment
that we share, yet we fear, and evade at all costs,
but eventually stop, as the light makes its way
into our windows,
in the cold,
in the dark,
in the night
In December

© copyright Ben D.A 2011


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    • Cardisa profile image

      Carolee Samuda 5 years ago from Jamaica

      I love how you likened the seasons unto emotions and people. At first I wondered about the transitions or connections then it dawned on me.

      Awesome as usual!

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