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Justice Is Heavenly At Long lat.

Updated on January 2, 2010


Justice is heavenly at long last!!




with unbowed heads

the battered masses stood at heavens gates,

some with arms and legs gone but others carried them,

some just tiny children, all bloodied and beaten and torn,

and St. Peter felt extreme sorrow for them as he gazed at the

three thousand or so before him all caught up as one in a cloud of

horror from the earth below. So he asked them where they were from

and they replied, "We were Americans, of many nationalities and

foreigners too, from the melting pots of democracy......

snatched from life by madmen with no honor or intent.

He then asked them if they wanted to enter heaven,

but they all shook their heads and said,

" No!!! Could we wait, we have one more stop to make?"

"Send us to hell for just one day,

since we have endured the worst hell

on earth any man could suffer."

So St. Peter sent them all to hell

at their request where they promptly

rounded up the nineteen scumbag hijackers

and spent the entire day just

tearing them to shreds three thousand times each

and then watching as

each maggot was instantly restored to life

by the demons who loved this game so very much

only to re-suffer anguish again and be torn asunder.

The next day they were at peace in heaven  

almost forevermore...for they are still planning a

return trip when Bin laden gets his one way ticket to their

welcome to hell party.....




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