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Justice League #1 Review

Updated on August 31, 2011

Justice League #1

Okay, so I have only read Justice Society, when Johns was on the book, and have never read Justice League. I picked this up partly for Johns, but mostly for Jim Lee drawing again. I know, I’m a sucker, but he might stay on schedule...this...time?

So this is how my reading experience went. 1. Read issue. 2. Picked jaw up off of floor, dusted off stray dog hair, and the such. 3. Fit it back in to place. 4. Repeat. 5. Writing review. This issue was incredible, when not a whole lot even happened in this issue. Batman and Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) team up to fight this thing in Gotham. Bruce is angry, and wants to work alone, Hal is cocky, and wants to show he can handle any situation by himself. Both are perfect. We see a little bit of Cyborg, who I am not really familiar with, but it is really good, showing his talents, and his home troubles. Bruce and Hal go to Metropolis, to look for this “alien threat”, which, SURPRISE! Turns out to be Superman. He is the most different, at lease from what I can tell. He sucker-punches Hal, and speaks to them, like he is an alien that just landed, sort of. This is the first issue of the new universe, so hopefully things will be fleshed out much more this month, when all the #1’s come out. But right now, I am really excited.

I have always thought Jim Lee was good, but I was never the uber-fan that so many people are, and what they make me feel I should be as well. After this issue, I am totally on board with all of the hype. This issue was gorgeous. I don't know how long he is supposed to be on this book, or if he can stay on schedule (Spoiler Alert: he won’t). I don’t care. Whatever we can get from this guy, is totally worth whatever wait. Okay, maybe not All-Star Batman and Robin late, but somewhat late. This book was gorgeous from front to back, and hopefully he as a few issues in the can, so we get more next month.

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