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Investing in Comics - Buy Justice League of America Comic Books

Updated on March 14, 2011

JLA - Justice League of America

DC comics created the Justice League of America in 1960, when they appeared in "The Brave and The Bold," but wasn't given its own comic until later in 1960. The comic book series includes 261 issues, with the last issue released in 1987.

The Justice League of America includes different super heroes, and throughout the age of the comic book series, has rotated different characters throughout the graphic novels. Some of the more popular characters include Green Arrow, Atom, Hawkman, Black Canary, Captain Marvel, Zatanna, Plastic Man, Aquaman, Batman, Super Man, Wonder Woman, Flash, and tons of other heroes.

Throughout the series, there were also many different spin-off groups that were created, such as

  • Justice League Antarctica
  • Justice League Elite
  • Justice League Europe
  • Justice League International
  • Justice League Task Force
  • Super Buddies

The JLA spinoff series didn't sell to well in the comic book world, but that's where DC created the Justice League of America Limited edition comic book series in 1996, and then in 1997, they a new series called JLA with Grant Morrison as the writer, Howard Porter as the artist, and John Dell as the inker.

Now, you'll find that all the different Justice League comics are popular in the hands of a comic book collector. They're one of the top ten most collected comics, which is pretty good for those who liked the series as the issues were released.

Investing in Comic Books

To some it may sound silly to invest in comic books, but to others, it can be quite a profitable collection. Purchase comic books and resell them when their value is up, is definitely something that is easy to do, especially when you browse yard sales and flea markets for boxes of comic books that people don't know anything about and just want to get rid of.

Some comic books may resell for hundreds or thousands more than their original purchase price. You can check eBay and other auction sites to see valuable comic books sell for a few zeroes each. You'll find that many people who, when younger, purchased or were given comic books are now racking in cash because they kept their comics in good condition. They invested time and money into the collection, and it is paying off.

When investing in comic books, you want to make sure that you keep your comics in as good of a condition as you can. You want to purchase proper storage equipment to keep the comics safe and protected from fading, tears, and missing pages.

You also want to make sure that you invest time into the comic books. In most cases, comics will gain value as they age, but this all depends on the popularity. Some comics may sell for hundreds just shortly after release. It all depends on the comic, its popularity, number of editions, and overall condition. You don't want to get it and throw the comic book at the bottom of the coffee table to get torn up. Cherish and protect your collection, especially if you plan on investing and reselling your graphic novels.

Serious comic book collectors, tend to invest more money in protection and storage supplies than they do on the actually comic books because they are very well aware of value being attributed to condition. So, definitely keep in mind acid free protection slips and covers.

Also, when investing in comic books, it's important to keep track of your comics. Keep a running journal or computer log of what comic books you have, in which series, when you got them, and their condition. You may also want to keep them in order of the series; it's easiest to keep them in numerical order as to the volumes in the series.


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