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Justification Part I

Updated on March 17, 2017


I owe no-one any justification! If you are not a part of my life, but use to be my life required some regulations. I hate no-one or have any animosity for clarification. Some people are pretenders, and wear a mask hiding their true intentions self-gratification. I removed toxic people from my life, and I don’t look back for my salvation. I’ve let those who didn’t deserve to be a part of my life cause confusion, and pain in my heart so I had to perform a self-examination. Was the pains of the past causing bad choices in my reformation? Separating myself from that which isn’t for me isolation. I don’t seek anyone’s validation. Some people are curious about your life, but keep theirs hidden in an incubation. Some people will have you thinking they really care stuck in a hallucination! Avoiding negativity and frustrations! Some people embark in manipulation of those who have a heart of gold a revelation. Life has so many trials and tribulations! Time reveals many things a manifestation! Trying to stay on track in this life’s navigation. I will NOT hesitate to remove things from my life that isn’t embracing happiness or positivity that is my right determination! Peace and Positivity is what I seek, and it will continue to be in my expectations. For Justification!

Copyright (c) 2017 All Rights Reserved

Author: Winnie Ross


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