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Justification Part II

Updated on March 18, 2017

The foundation of creation. Lessons learn in this life is a fixation. Some people have many blessings yet and still there isn’t any appreciation. All of my life I thought that happiness will attempt to be forevermore what an imagination. Love isn’t how it use to be some people replace it with money, luxury, and inner desires lighting a flame to a fire allocation. When the truth is revealed to me a shell covers me affirmation. Feeling like a fool for the ...wrong ones who entrapped me into believing I had found love correlation. A feeling of being drained and dehydration. It was not at all what it appeared to be in shock and devastation. Tired of being tired of wanting love to be true feeling naïve and maybe I’m living in the wrong generation. I owe no-one any justification! If you are no longer a part of my life there is a reason inclination. I will no longer be a fool being more aware my heart can’t take anymore mutilation! For Justification!

Copyright (c) 2017 All Rights Reserved
Author: Winnie Ross


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