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Juxtaposition Examples

Updated on January 26, 2013

What's juxtaposition?

You may have heared many times this term, juxtaposition, and never new what it means? Before listing some juxtaposition examples, I would like to make a clear, laymen's definition of this concept, so that not only the linguistic experts will understand it.

Juxtaposition is a linguistic tool, used in any written text or any daily conversation, to highlight the distinction, the contrasts and the similitudes and alike attributes of two concepts, thoughts, characters, feelings, objects by placing them together in the context.

I'm sure anyone uses juxtapositions everyday, not even knowing it. You probably said not long ago something like: "She's pretty ugly!"

The expert's definition of juxtaposition looks like this:
(from :

  • an act or instance of placing close together or side by side,especially for comparison or contrast.
  • the state of being close together or side by side.

Juxtaposition Examples in Literature

Shakespeare's works have a great variety of juxtaposition examples, but Romeo and Juliet would be the best representation of how contrasts stand side by side to emphasize the antithesis of the play.

Some examples of juxtaposition are:

  • the young and the old;
  • peasents and aristocrats;
  • romantic Romeo and blazing Tybalt;
  • the quiet whispers of lovers and the loud sounds of the crowds;

Other example of juxtaposition would be John Milton's "Paradise Lost" where it's accentuated the relation between good and evil, God and Satan.

Dostoevsky's "Crime and Punishment" is also loaded with juxtaposition examples:

  • main character Raskolnikov commits murder, although he's presented like a good person, with lots of qualities;
  • he feels guilty all throughout the novel, but still he wouldn't give himself up;
  • he falls in love with a prostitute, that's also presented like a geniune virgin;

Other examples of juxtapositions:

"A child asks his father:
- Father which is right arm?His father responds:
- To know where your right arm is, you must first find out where your left one is, because there is no left without right, up without down, no joy without sorrow, no hill without valley, day without night and no beginning without any end. "

"Forget to remember or remember to forget."

"Building false theories from clever juxtaposition of several half-truths."

The simple positioning of two words or syntactic constructions, without any connectors:

"Johnny, my brother, we're leaving tomorrow!"

"Kill me, I still won't tell!"

"You try it, you buy it!"

Juxtaposition examples in photography

Juxtaposition in photography means putting objects that are similar or contrast in the same frame, by different methods.


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