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Updated on August 4, 2011

There are many people in this world who love to hate

And to decide another's fate.

When they come my way, I just simply say....

KEEP IT MOVING devils and get out my way!

This is my life and the way I view the situations around me

Say what you will and let me be.

Your judgement and ridicule, HA, HA, HA

KEEP IT MOVING with your blah,blah,blahs!

I know many do not understand my flow

But for the ones who all I need to know.

The people who can grasp my essense and feel my presence

I give you much love....

For the ones who would rather criticize.......

KEEP IT MOVING or handle it with my God above!

Move until you can not move anymore,

I really do not care, I just want you out my door!

Your idiotic and racist ways

Are the devil's playround and in hell you will stay.

I have peace and you have none

This is why you come after me,

Because I am one of the chosen ones.

God is good and God is kind

This is my attempt to wave at your aspirations across the line.

By any means necessary, I want to get to Heaven


Dealing with you is like dealing with seven.

Seven is the odd number out,

No eveness and no clout.

KEEP IT MOVING.....I am onward to my next bout.!!!!


Copyright 2011. All rights reserved to Paedams (PFP).

In my family the children were sheltered not because we lived in a dangerous neighborhood; but because of people outside of our community. We only saw different races of people on television and many of us wanted to meet them; but it was forbidden. As an adult, I now understand why our elders forbidded us to mingle with other people. They knew what awaited us and they trained us to become strong mentally and physically for this world outside our neighborhood. They knew it was people out there who by any means necessary would try to break our self esteem, our spirit, just because of the color of our skin, the way we looked, the way we spoke and the beliefs we had. We were always taught not to put someone down because of their differences. We were taught to love. Just imagine if this world was taught to love and respect one another's differences. I imagine we would not have hate. I never did agree fully with the elders when we where told not to speak when it came to certain races because I knew without being told I had the right to speak my peace. I had the right to be me! Now, following my own mind when it came to this rule, had me in trouble at more times than I can remember, but I learned from my mistakes.

I learned it's not okay at all times to say what's on my mind. I must consider other's feelings above all else therefore, I try to be mindful of this. Others do not and they say hurtful things just to silence someone's voice. We all have a right to say, how we feel and express how we feel about our lives. Who are we to judge, ridicule or challenge the worth of the next human being. It's not fair nor is it mature. Sure speak out against wrong, stand up for your beliefs; but be courteous while doing so. There's a very thin line between freedom of speech and viciousness. Obviously, I have crossed this line because I have been getting some very rude comments concerning my posts and I apologize if I offended anyone; but some things can not be changed especially if what you said was meant from your heart. If it's apart of your belief system. In my efforts to write quality topics, my passion sometimes get in the way and I may step on a few nerves. What can I do? I am in therapy and was told by my therapist to write down my true feelings (no holding back). There is something about the written word especially on the internet that will make us pause at our actions because of the responses we get. Just like most of you I am here to vent and express myself being fully aware of the reprecussions. I am just ridding myself of the negative thoughts inside of my head. I respect you and others for being honest and in helping me to see the negative and positive of my online diary of thoughts and in this case responses.

Therefore, if I am not honest with myself, I can not be honest with others. I have read many posts throughout the internet and found some that made my heart sink. Some that hurt my feelings; but I digressed and did not retaliate because these where the feelings of those people. In my eyes they were wrong; but because I disagreed, DID NOT give me the right to attack the injustice of their words. I would appreciate the same courtesy. I am following people who do not share my same views, yet, I have not made derrogatory comments concerning their views and a few have done the same with me as well. We live in a Country that protects our rights as individuals and with these rights we should be able to express ourselves without fear of some morbid soul commenting without any regard for your feelings. None of us will not agree with everything we read; but we should at least attempt to understand that person's perspective or simply STOP READING and not make judgemental comments.

We are adults and we should carry ourselves accordingly. I had someone make a very derrogatory comment the other day on one of my post and before I knew it, I responded with the same venom. NOT ME! My pet peeve is rude people and I should have stopped and calmed down before I responded; but I was at my breaking point and could care less at the time. Now, I am writing this to soothe the hurtful words I put out there. Attacks of any kind are unexpected and sometimes the human in us instantanteously go into self perservation mode and do or say things we usually would not do or say. As a striving Christian, I know I was wrong and do believe in my walk with Christ. I believe in what Jesus stands for and it's a daily challenge to be humbled in all situations. Jesus, could have easily not taken up that cross that beared our sins and walked away; but, he believed in us.

I believe in my fellow man, regardless of how hurtful some can be. I believe we all have goodness inside of us; we just have to want it. I can only speak for myself.....I WANT IT! My prayer is that many others will as well and come to the place in their lives where all of this type of bigotry will no longer cease in the majority of our population. As for my grammar, I write down my thoughts which are not grammatically sound when written or typed, I realize this. If I corrected them, then I would be removing my flow and the piece would not be me, just as with the lyrics in a song. If you corrected the lyrics, the song will not be the same. Therefore, if I am butchering my sentences, it's okay with me. I am merely putting out thoughts and it is up to the reader not to read. I began this poetic venture as part of my therapeutic process and not to win awards or appease others, so again I apologize. I will tell anyone with a passion, to not be discouraged when others put you down, Hold firm to your dreams and believe in yourself because there are many who will try to bring you down. Hold to God's unchanging hand and continue to aspire to inspire others. God Bless.


Copyright 2011. All rights reserved to Paedams


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