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Make Money On Kindle E-Book Reader Device-Authors Writers-Self Publishing Platform

Updated on September 1, 2012

Your Quick Guide to Using Your Kindle Reader Whilst Helping You to Self Publish as an E-book Author.

By Dale Ovenstone October 2011: Your quick guide to using your Kindle Reader on the Amazon book store, whilst helping you to write your own e-book, before self publishing it on-line, as a creator, & an e-book author maybe make some money too.

Kindle Definition: To Arouse Interest: To Light Up: Illuminate!

Also, here’s something mighty big for you to ponder over for a 'possible' passive income for life. Have you ever considered creating your own e-book that others can download instantly onto their computer, MAC mobile or kindle device, yes you know what I mean, write a topic that you actually know about, or that you do, or that you have experience with, or something you'd like to research, then, if you have thought about self publishing, don’t just keep it to yourself, instead, why not share your journey in a book? You may be surprised to know others might even want to know about what you know about too. Just look around this page & you'll notice many companies offering to publish your work & so these are all options I suggest you may also want to research along your path. So, today is your opportunity. Mister and Misses Self Published Writer, Creator & Author!

Give this idea of creating e-books, yourself, plenty of thought, as I prompt you with many ideas I use for a passive income, as you read onwards.

Kindle as a reader. Got one yet? Get yours here. Price drop for the UK Kindle, Wi-Fi, 6" E Ink Display & a bigger price drop for the USA/Canada Kindle, Wi-Fi, 6" E Ink Display - includes Special Offers & Sponsored Screensavers

Back to the basics first:

My my how times have progressed! Gone are the olden days when the only time you could get hold of that much discussed best seller, self help or how to book, was to march outwards in all weathers & wait in the long queues at the shops to get your hands on it, or hopefully, by chance, there was a copy of your favorite book at the library shelves, even then, if you were successful in obtaining it, you just didn’t want to take it back for others to read, sometimes.

But it's not your fault!

Now, if you’re new to the internet, don't be shy if you’re not too familiar with the capabilities of your computer & its power for gaining, & even creating, information, or the sheer enjoyment from reading almost never ending topics of information out there, because there is a much better way to get hold of your book you know, something modern, right bang up to date &, the best part is, you can obtain the book of your dreams, INSTANTLY! Wow! By clicking a few buttons you can search for it, revise it, love it, purchase it & finally, download it straight onto your Computer MAC Mobile phone or portable reader & instantly, get tucked into the tasty nuggets of information within. I love e-books!

How do you do this? How can you search for, & obtain, a new, or even a timeless, book of your choice to add to your library & read it where ever you go?

The best way of course, is to behold a Kindle E-Book Reader Device, as shown on my links above.

A kindle, which is for those who are not familiar, is a small battery powered lightweight electronic portable e-book (electronic book, blog, newspaper articles & magazine) reading device, that, once you have your Kindle, you can thus use your device to search online, by typing into the search engine bar, the subject of your book choice, this will include ‘key’ words in your title, so for instance, if you wanted to find out more about, ‘pheromones’ (you know, those mystical scents that its claimed humans create & excrete through their body skin & follicles & can also be manufactured, which some makers claim, can enhance abilities for magically attracting the opposite, or even the same, sex to you) so if you wanted to search for a book on pheromones, for attraction purposes, you just include ‘books of pheromones’ into the search bar, or to minimize & spot almost exactly what you are looking for, (if you are interested in creating attraction because you heard a lot about Pheromones then,) you may type in, ‘books of pheromones attraction’ & hit the search button, then lo & behold, you will be directed to such places as Amazon Kindle Book store, with titles of your book idea that you may find interesting. & even better still, if both you & I are lucky, you may even come across the most amazing in-depth little book I researched ineptly thus authored, on the subject of Pheromones, & especially, creating animalistic attraction, which I created & uploaded to Amazon.

Great or what?

Yes, this was a little plug on the capabilities of self publishing & one of the many free marketing techniques of getting my own book noticed. By writing articles of the subject, as in the link above, & just like this one, to know more about the finer details that you may find interesting of the fore mentioned topic of pheromones above! Because simply, the more views to what you have on offer once you have published, the more chances of sales generated.

So I hope you take this first bit of information to start drawing an audience to your newly published book as a lesson to becoming a self published author. Also very importantly, create a good title for your e-book, include such a title with keywords, like I have done for my own e-book. Think of a title that you think a 'reader to your book' might try typing into the search engine. Make it as precise as possible. I always mention to folk who want to write, to be a writer you have to be an open reader of your own work, too. Create a little then step outside of your self & become a reader, knowing you are reading quality, something you wouldn't even mind buying because your simply compelled to know more.

But this isn’t about me, it’s about you time, so please read on for more tidbits of knowledge & information.

So far, we know that a Kindle is a reading device that you download books, magazines, newspapers, blog's & information products onto & read them whenever, & wherever you go!

Now, as a tutor myself, I teach others what I know. So now let me introduce you to ‘the philosophy of learning!’

Here it is, ready?

‘Knowledge comes from others.’

Simple concept isn’t it, & I bet you wouldn’t have guessed it unless I mentioned it?

Would you?

You can thank me later.

But honestly, I am your internet friend I want to help you do what I have already done.

Yes even though I left school at thirteen with no qualifications, but, I realize now, as a mature student of life, I have accrued knowledge through life & I am constantly testing ideas & concepts before releasing my findings with the public. I currently search for what I’m interested in, then I pursue the information, then I utilize what I have learnt in my new found knowledge. And you know what; I love sharing what I know about, this is why computers & reading devices are so important to me right now.

But wait just a second, as a reader of information yourself; or even novels for enjoyment & self help how to guides & downloadable reports, maybe, just maybe, you could do something with the above mentioned philosophy!

‘Knowledge comes from others.’ Remember?

I read books all the time & I love knowledge; I love sharing with others what I know & experience & I particularly love the variety & the enormous array of topics of book, articles, reports & magazine subjects from self published authors & creators just like you and me, worldwide, sitting at their home computers or laptops, hammering away at the keyboard, mainly enjoying themselves once in the flow of writing creatively, till their hearts content, & which once completed & uploaded to the internet can be purchased & downloaded instantly, onto my computer, or a Kindle Reader Device.

So, what’s stopping you? Why not be the creator of such titles yourself, Mister & Misses self publisher book making creator & author, & who knows, even I may be interested in what you have to say, I may even purchase your book if I find the information invaluable for my arsenal of knowledge, longing to be learned.

Self publishing is easy & I know you can do it too. First, you do need to sign up to or & create an account. Look for the ‘self publish with us’ link at the very bottom of their home page & follow the easy short steps to sign up, don’t worry, it won’t cost you anything, only a little of your time.

Have a look around this page, (but don't forget to come back) you may want to check out some of the offers here about self publishing!

Next you would probably want to sign up to, this is a good site that I publish to, the place where you can write articles about your new title, & columns on your expertise or topic, just like I am doing here, you write, like you are talking to a friend, & getting the message across to him or her, & if you don’t mind; I have included my affiliate link right here so you may have the option to sign up after reading this article, ready for your new book, prior to publishing, & you'll also be subscribed to my articles of interest, to many readers, which I'm sure you'll find amazing & informative.

Ideas for creating a book topic!

For instance, check out my own e-book from the blue link (this is how your book page will look like once you upload your finished work to Amazon Kindle Store,) this is just an example of course, & my book is stored on-line ready to be purchased & downloaded onto the kindle device. Secrets of Sex Pheromones-Do They Really Attract Sex? (you will notice the book cover, eye catching a little I think is a good idea, plus a direct as possible topic title, write up a short blurb letting folk know exactly what the book is about because they will probably be searching for information using key words & phrases, & don;t forget to check the review inside the book to see how some of the leading pages are set out)

I researched this particular subject Sex Pheromones, Creating Attraction, Getting others interested in myself, intensively, although I am interested in the values of what Pheromones are proposed to allow us to create attraction within the opposite (or even the same) sex, so I researched everything over the internet, bought some pheromone products myself, & tested them out in real life & have I got some incidences to share with others of my findings, then realizing why folk want to use Pheromones for attraction in the very first place, I included sections within the book to aid failing attempts by others to score a date/sexual interest through my own self learned & tested experiences & successes of creating a magnetic attractive persona with the ladies thus I have shared the steps within!

This is just a book idea I have used; I also have a niche following & expertise in creating drywall finish comb texture effects onto ceilings & walls which I have turned into not only downloadable guides, reports, articles & books, but also DVD’s too. I hope you get the point to how for you can take your self publishing?

Here are some more examples below of self publishers in the making & in the running, my friend Jason Rees, he’s a young chap, he's self taught & only after a short while, gently building up a reputation within his niche.Yes he's got his head screwed on because he wants to show others his creations & he knows his subject off by heart, which gives him the authority to show others! Jason is a dab hand, at drawing comics & creating stories line to accompany them, so now, he is already on his way, he has self published his works, uploaded his comics to oline internet book stores, ready for a lifetime of viewers to his works. After you sign up at my link to hubpages I do hope you type his name 'Jason Rees' into the search box to see some of his awesome creations.

My sister Kim Ovenstone, she is an expert on child care, & she surely knows her stuff & she desires to share he knowledge with others, so she is currently in the process of completing her brand new first -e-book in Microsoft Word, helping new parents, by showing them what to expect as a parent, then helping them deal with upbringing of their child.

My mate Chris Coslett, he is a young student of a Chinese martial arts form; he's interested in breaking down some of the system dynamics that he has trained in, & its affects on the practitioner, currently working on self publishing of his very first e-book, a concept showing how our human energy affects every aspect of our life.

& there’s my friend Nina, she not a teacher although she is an an expert on French language & has authored & self published a few easy step by step guides, teaching French phrases to non French speaking folk!

These are just ordinary people like you & me. Some with qualifications & some without any. But there are so many people that are experts within their capabilities of knowledge of their subject, are you one of them?

So why aren’t you doing this? Why aren’t you self publishing yet?

The difference with these folk, compared to others who have not yet self published is, they used any spare time they had, on creating & authoring. So, if you do have spare time on your hands, maybe right now, there could be no excuse!

So, if you have access to Microsoft Word, you’re well away. Just write your story, or how to guide, keeping the font all the same size, make your writing interesting & valuable to the reader, become the reader * ask 'would I spend xxx$$$£££ on this book?' then, once your happy with your creation, log into your Amazon account, & follow the steps to upload your new title & get it on the Amazon Kindle Store.

There will be certain formats that they require for self publishing, but simply put, follow their example then welcome yourself to the world of Self Published Creators & Authors. CONGRATULATIONS!

I hope you join me on my hubpages from my link above & I hope you sincerely enjoyed this quick guide on Self Publishing & the power of the Amazon Kindle Store & The Kindle Reading Device. Please let me know your thoughts in the comments box below.

Thank you. All the very best. Regards Dale Ovenstone


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    • Inspired to write profile imageAUTHOR

      Dale J Ovenstone 

      6 years ago from Wales UK

      Thanks for the vote up j-matlock, glad you enjoyed the hub

      Regards Dale

    • j-matlock profile image


      6 years ago from Somewhere.

      "Knowledge comes from others" is probably one of the truest statements in the galaxy, besides of course, "Tricks are for kids."

      I mean everything you've heard, read, or were taught, came from someone else. Which isn't good for me to think about since I'm cynical. People can't be trusted... and so whatever they've said can't be trusted.... the universe is a lie, and so on.

      Seriously though, great hub. It's amazing how many oppurtunites the common folk have at becoming a self-published author. Thanks for the advice!

      (Voted up and useful.)

    • Inspired to write profile imageAUTHOR

      Dale J Ovenstone 

      6 years ago from Wales UK

      thesingernurse, thank you for your comment, progression through technology it's really great, also, gives us writers more outlets for our work to be seen.

      Have a nice day. Regards Dale

    • thesingernurse profile image

      Tina Siuagan 

      6 years ago from Rizal, Philippines

      I was discussing this matter with my boyfriend yesterday and the Kindle brand came up. And now I have actually read about it here in Hubpages and learned so much. That won't be possible without you creating this hub, so I really have to vote up. :)

    • Inspired to write profile imageAUTHOR

      Dale J Ovenstone 

      7 years ago from Wales UK

      Thank you Nelly A.

    • Nelly A. profile image

      Nelly A. 

      7 years ago

      Kindle well-explained. Great one.

    • Inspired to write profile imageAUTHOR

      Dale J Ovenstone 

      7 years ago from Wales UK

      Go on kipronor, just make sure you order from my link lol.

      Thanks for your comment, nice to hear from you.

      Regards Dale

    • kipronor profile image


      7 years ago from Nairobi

      Good stuff, knowledge, i need to own one.


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