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Updated on December 14, 2012

Lee wrote this about me a few years ago and has allowed me to post it here on hubpages. Thanks Lee, you are my special friend though so far away.

To A Very Special Man

He is insightful and caring

With a heart of gold

And a heavenly soul,

A divine sense of humour

Brings joy to my every day,

Always has time to listen

No matter what I have to say.

He has made me smile

When I was sad,

His words brought comfort to my soul,

Dried the tears in my eyes

Never left me all alone.

How do you thank someone for being there?

Wanting nothing in return

Just a friend who really cares,

He will always be that special someone

That I hold dearly in my heart and soul,

As I journey through this life

I am grateful for his friendship, this I know.

There are people who touch our life

In a very special way

I call them earth Angels,

When heaven opens up to them

They will get their angel wings

For they give of themselves

And their love is all they bring

To heal and give hope again!

By Leokadia Durmaj

Copyright ©30 June 2006


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