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Updated on July 19, 2016

Kaburani and Her Dreams

It was a peaceful Saturday night with clear skies. Kaburani was really happy that it was Sunday tomorrow and hence a school holiday. After playing with her favourite Barbie doll she falls asleep. In her dream she turns into a lovely princess adorned in a beautiful pink fairy gown and a diamond tier on her head. Wow, didn't she feel quite grand and important!

To take the story ahead, she is walking in her palace garden admiring the lovely flowers, chirping birds and the occasional rabbit or two jumping here and there. She feels content and happy. Suddenly the sky above her darkens and a dark shadow looms over her. Oh, it is the terrible black dragon with fiery breath of fire!

Kaburani has to act fast and summon her guards and soldiers. She quietly takes out her whistle that was tucked into her gown pocket and lets out a shrill whistle calling her security guards. Meanwhile the hateful dragon comes closer, breathes fire into her lush garden that destroys a patch of flowerbed. Kaburani prays that her guards arrive before it is too late........

to be continued.......


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