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Kahana's Voice

Updated on September 4, 2014

The Combined Family Crest of Kahana/Harkema

Der Gott Ist Mein Tal Des Gold
Der Gott Ist Mein Tal Des Gold

A Voice Through the Ages

Ever play with the Bible Code generator. Not the commercial version in English that has about as much relevance as the Magic Eight Ball. But the real version. The one written in the same ancient Hebrew that the Old Testament was written in. Because if you did, you'd be surprised by what can be discerned from these Codes that most modern day religious authorities say are irrelevant and totally unfounded. I must admit that I was skeptical myself. How could a text written twenty-five hundred years ago know anything about what was to come in the future? So I played and toyed with my program, entering words and names that couldn't possibly exist or be known about at the time. I entered Kahana, my old family title (surname) and Caiaphas (an ancestor) and Kohen (the family job description) and it came up with points of crossover in the text. Too easy I thought, better add some more just to prove this didn't work. So I added Messiah and Nazarene, just to confuse it more knowing that these didn't exist at the time the Old Testament was written. But again it came up with cross references. Shouldn't be able to do this! So I decided to make it more difficult. I gave it a starting point as Aaron and an end point as myself, Allen and even to make it more complicated, my present surname translated as Valley of Gold. That should have stumped it. But it didn't. It came back with 3305 cross matrices using all the terms of reference. An impossibility or so it should have been for anyone that can perform the statistical variance. It took me a while to understand that particular number but then I reflected that the last thing I entered was the time frame of Aaron, my patriarchal ancestor and Allen, being myself and it was providing me with its own time frame of reference. The number of years between our births. It was telling me that Aaron was born in 1350 BC. And suddenly I was a believer. Oh, yes, I can trace my ancestry back a very long way. The DNA analysis of J2a4h confirms it and my list of illustrious relatives over the past five centuries support it. Who am I? That I believe is the question that brought you here. You want to know and you want to find out. Now I find myself writing constantly about my ancestors and discussing them on my blogsite. Some of the story you will find at but most of it you can find right here. And I've made it easy to find what you're looking for by placing all my articles into this handy Bibliographical data sheet at .

Shadows of Trinity from Eloquent Books, NY

Read about one of the most exciting adventures of the Kahana in the 16th century.  Faced with annihilation of his own community by Pope Sixtus V, Yakov Kahana must take on the demon that plagued Prague in order that they might live.  Sometimes in order to achieve 'good' a man must perform 'evil'.

Also available from Barnes and Noble and Amazon Books.


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    • profile image

      JRSlack 8 years ago

      Yes, it's the old addage: "The end justifies the means." If the end is self-preservation, then we are forgiven, it's said, if we take a life to save our own. Unfortunately, the extrapolation of this concept may often lead to costly (in terms of life, limb and property) wars.

      But if the war is motivated, basically, by greed (lust for land?), such as in the genocide perpetrated against the North American indigenous peoples by the 'settlers' (the same as was done to the African tribes by European conquerors) another addage comes to mind, "manifest destiny" which also inspired, I think, "might makes right."

    • someonewhoknows profile image

      someonewhoknows 8 years ago from south and west of canada,north of ohio

      Unfortunately,I agree with the statement;

      Sometimes in order to achieve 'good' a man must perform 'evil'

      Unless,there is a non violent way toward "self defense" then their may be no other choice ,but violence.

      There are those who would "by law" leave people defenseless.

      Unless,someone comes up with a non leathal defense like a force field of some kind then everyone would be obliged to use whatever way is available to defend themselves.

    • Kahana profile image

      Kahana 8 years ago

      You see Zvi, certain families keep traditions alive. Karaite families especially. How does a Kohen know he's a Kohen. The recent Y-chromosome tests proved that those that have claimed to be descendants of Kohens were correct. And this was preserved without a Temple, without official records, merely father telling son. The same way in my family we kept alive the tradition of telling each generation we are the House of Phiabi. Jeshua ben Gamaliel from the house of Phiabi married Martha, the daughter of Elioneiai ha-Cayef, the son of Joseph Caiaphas. And they had a son named Joseph, and he in turn had a son Elioneus. And he in turn had two sons. Joseph ha Cohen and Azariah. And Joseph ha Cohen had a son Judah Cayafa and Azariah had a son named Eleazar. Would you like me to go on. I would guess from your attitude you're a Rabbanite. Therefore you believe everything the Rabbis had told you. In their efforts to maintain authority is their lie that the family records have all been lost. All except for their own sages that is. Such as Rabbi Loew who would trace his lineage back to King David. You'll believe their lies but not the truth of those that know. Now you understand why they perpetuate their lies against Karaites. THey fear what we can expose. Read, learn, and search in your heart for the truth because as Rabbanites you have been living a lie.

    • profile image

      Zvi 8 years ago

      Excuse me sir, how can you possibly know Caiaphas was an ancestor of yours? Nobody has documented geneaologies tracing back that early. Those who claim to possess them are making up stories.