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Kalidasa - The Great Indian Writer

Updated on April 23, 2017

Kalidasa - The Shakespeare of India

Kalidasa is the greatest Indian poets of all time. He is a writer whose poetical skill, ornate style and of power of expression are still adored by readers. He is a poet who owns the grand style in the history of Indian literature. It is believed that he lived in the 1st century AD.

Kalidasa - Epics and Plays

Kalidasa is the author of two great epics and three plays in Sanskrit. Raghuvamsa and Kumarasambhava are his epics. His plays are Abhijana Sakunthalam, Malavikagnimitram and Vikramorvesium. Abhijnaan Sakunthalam is considered as his magnum opus.

Kalidas Memorial, Ramtek, India
Kalidas Memorial, Ramtek, India | Source

Abhijnana Sakunthalam - The Most Famous Play of Kalidasa

Abhijana Sakunthalam is the most well known work of Kalidasa. It has been translated in to all of the major languages of the world. The plot of the play is taken from the Mahabharata. The plot has been developed in to a great play by Kalidasa by his creative power and dramatic skill. He has introduced a major innovation of signet ring through which the story evolves. It is said that the dramatic skill and poetic power of Kalidasa is at its perfection in Abhijnana Sakunthalam.

Shakuntala with Friend writing a letter to Dushyanta
Shakuntala with Friend writing a letter to Dushyanta | Source

Malavikagnimitram - A Historical Play of Kalidasa

Malavikagnimitram deals with historical characters. The hero of the play is Agnimitra the son of the founder of Sunga dynasty in the early Christian era. Many historians considers it as Kalidasa's first dramatic work. The play has helped historians to learn about the many historical facts, and customs and culture of that period.

Vikramorvesiyam - A Play related with Mahabharata

The plot of Vikramorvesiyam is also taken from the Mahabharata. It deals with a love story. The master writer transformed a single incident into a great play which contains a number of lyric stanzas. Many theater groups has still been performing this play.


Raghuvamsa - An Epic Related with Ancient Solar Dynasty of India

Raghuvamsa chronicles the lives of kings of ancient Solar Dynasty of India. It narrates episodes from the lives of a number of historical and mythological kings in 19 cantos. The story of Rama has also been presented in it without any major change from Ramayana. The epic style and poetic grandeur is the most appealing feature of this work.

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Kumarasambhava - An Epic Related with the Birth of the War God

Kumarasambhava deals with the birth of the War God, Kumara who is also known as Subramanya and Muruga. It consists 17 cantos. The major theme of the epic is the killing of Tharakasur, a powerful enemy of Gods. The epic is abounds in apt and beautiful smilies and metaphors. Kumarasambhava also shares the Kalidasa's creative genius and narrative skills.


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