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Kids Play.

Updated on February 22, 2013
skgrao profile image

A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Plan the 'Game'

Planning the game " Kanna Muchi ".
Planning the game " Kanna Muchi ".

Start Kuntebille.

Kuntebille Start.
Kuntebille Start.

Plan Jutata.

Kids what.?

We the children in our compound were called as Hudugaru meaning in Kannada Boys.The word Kids was never heard in our days.My father had built 7 one bed room houses in a compound of around 200 x 200 feet area,only the front row of houses had 200 x 50 feet vacant area.In one corner was a big bath room for our house only.The other 6 houses had a bath room in their kitchen.As my father was found of cows there were 6 cows next to our seperate bath room.The entire area had a built brick compound.A common toilet was in a corner of all the houses.The shit was removed manually by a person called Holaya.All the shit was collected in a basket and a fresh basket was kept with a dry leaf covering the basket.That was one hell of a toilet in those days prior to 2nd world war.No body ever went there for anything other than shiting.

In the area vacant we were about 5 boys playing all sorts of games the girls were in a seperate corner and in one house my grand father was living.He was my mothers father.He served under the rulers of the Royal State of Mysore as Manager of the Drama Hall in Mysore which is called as Lalitha Mahal Palace.He was all by himself and we used to bring him drinking water from a water tap which was far away.My sisters used to bring water for us.All other water we had was from a deep well and it was saltish and not drinkable.

The girs some times were short of players and so were we.The game that was allowed for boys and girls was one boy or girl would face a wall and sing:-

KaNa Mu Chi KaDaN Gu Di UdiN MuTe UrLe Hoi Tu NaM Ha Ki Nim HaKi Bi Te Bi Te and at the end of singing this song closing his or her who so ever used to sing would open their eyes and turn around to spot all others who were hiding.

The spot where she stood was a marked place.If she or he could spot any one he or she would run to just touch them.But some one nearer to the spot where he or she was standing would run to stand there and before he or she could do any of the act of reaching the spot or touching the spoted person was accomplished who so ever did it first would win that round.The rounds were fixed prier to the game.At the end of the fixed rounds who so ever had won the maximum number of rounds would be winers and that team captain was me a fixed rule in which ever team I played.This game was called Kannamuchale.

The next game would be Hide & Seek mostly for girls and we boys would play Gilli & Dandu.

The other games were marbles collected from soda water bottles,during those days there was no plastic,glass bottles of a fixed type holding the soda in the bottle would be a glass marble.We used to call it Goli.Playing goli was not allowed as it was a game played by professional players for money.We secretly played it for glass marbles or goli.A huge collection of Goli means he is a rich player.

The other game played by girls was Kunte Bille.

Boys would also play a skilled game of hitting a Playing Card placed vertically with the help of a support.The hitting distance was fixed with mutual agreement.From that distance if he could hit the card and if it falls down he would demond Goli's from who so ever had bet that he would fail to hit the card and make it fall face up or down.There were other games also like football or carom board.Speed Race of Rolling a steel wheel down the road with a stick.Cricket,Film projection with sun light.Burning of dry grass with lens,testing who has a powerful lens.and Swimming a costly game as we had to pay 25 paisa entrance ticket in the municipal swimming pool.

Those days we had no TV even adio was a luxury,the games we played is a history now.Kids use Tricycals or Bicycals and go on mail roads.They sit in Cyber cafes and play Video games.Go to to only Video game parlors to bet playing games.Girls and boys keep talking over cell phones,taking pictures and even doing other audult activities.They can be seen sitting in parks holding their hands.These were never seen when we were kids.


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    • skgrao profile image

      S K G Rao. 8 years ago from Bangalore City - INDIA.

      Any message from South Africa is Fake.Get out of that country.

    • morganhelen43 profile image

      morganhelen43 8 years ago

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